Zuckerberg Now Claims Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Rules Could Benefit Facebook

“On iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14, apps will be required to receive user permission to track users across apps or websites owned by other companies, or to access the device’s advertising identifier,” Apple had noted in a developer update last year. Despite the criticism of Apple, Facebook may not suffer too much from the changes. While it will no longer use the Apple identifier across any of its apps, Zuckerberg says it could make even more money. When it rolls out, ATT will require developers to gain permission before tracking a user’s device advertising identifier, or Identifier for Advertiser tag.

Investors were concerned that this change will negatively impact the Facebook’s ability to serve ads to sought-after category of consumers which saw the stock struggle in the wake of this issue. The stock is 5% below the record hit on 26th August last year, Facebook published a blog post the same day where it first warned about the impact of Apple’s changes will have on its targeted advertising business. The Facebook CEO and founder was most upset, complaining that asking people for their permission when tracking them for advertising purposes would impact small businesses. Apple will make its first product announcement of 2023 through a press release on its website tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17, according to Apple leaker Jon Prosser. MacRumors can corroborate an announcement is expected to take place this week. The announcement could be one of several products expected in the near future, including updated MacBook Pros and Mac mini models.

It will be hard to win allies, win over lost users, and convince regulators it can be trusted. The next biggest problem Facebook faces is that their user growth in the US and Europe has stalled, and the demographics turn worse every year on Facebook “Blue” as they call the original service. The Instagram purchase looks better every year, but it is not as much of a data-producing machine as Blue. The problem with that is that over two-thirds of their revenue still comes from the US and Europe. All apps, including Apple’s, have to ask if you want to share your identifier with other apps and data brokers. Developers are able to add their own messaging to the pop-up that can explain why you might want to be tracked.

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They will also lose third party data from this change to the ad ID, but they are obviously willing to make that tradeoff, and think others will not as easily get around it. In any event, with the Android 12 opt-out structure, and Android fragmentation, it may not become that important for some time. So Google’s response is to offer privacy features that are similar to Apple’s but that often don’t go as far, and they sometimes favor Google over their ad competitors.

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