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And that’s honestly the best thing about songwriting. You can leave your songs open to interpretation. Your audience can attach their own meanings to your music. At this point, you don’t need to have all the answers.

Having photos, step-by-step images and accompanying videos is a nice bonus. Especially with music production tutorials, visuals really help throw your point across to readers. This is where services like LinksManagement will serve you faithfully. With LinksManagement, guest posting becomes a breeze.

Glad to see you here in my musical blog – where I collect and share information, tips, review knowledge to music addicted people. Sometimes weird and unusual ideas can work, and you don’t want to write them off before you’ve tried them. Understand that your lyrics don’t need to be on a timeline or in any logical order, though. You can find plenty of songs that don’t follow a straight line. Or perhaps you’re a veteran music journalist, interested in reaching a wider audience?

All content submitted MUST be original, meaning that it hasn’t been published anywhere else before. All submitted content will go through a rigorous vetting process. If you’ve got a topic or idea that is connected with music, and that you think would be useful or helpful to someone else out there, we want to help you share it and get it seen.

I don’t have a hard rule for the number of words for your article. I find content creators who create useful content, don’t measure their content usefulness by # of words. Also, whether you write a 800 or 8000 words article doesn’t mean either one will impact readers better. AudioMentor.com readers are aspiring music producers, music hobbyists, musicians, and technologists. Most of our readers are from the US, UK and Canada. Article quality Noone loves half-cooked food, so does the readers.

But that was also very much part of good production, and being a good producer. As a producer, the stuff that John wanted to maintain was the subtle way my voice cracks, the hesitation in certain parts that is so much what the song is about in essence. The concept from the beginning was that the tune should be organic and acoustic, played without a click track, the time pushing and pulling with the lyric and the feeling of the song.


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He genuinely made us feel like there is an achievable bridge that links what we’re doing now to the vast world of possibility in music. Be patient and cautious with melody.Once you open your mouth and start singing an idea, it’s very hard to ever sing anything else over a rhythm part you’ve laid down. Take a few extra moments to just listen to any music you’ve written before committing to a melody. What these songs DO have instead of a chorus is a REFRAIN LINE—a line of lyric that repeats in almost exactly the same way in the verse sections . The refrain line is lyrically and musically a part of the verse; it’s not a separate section.

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