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With the topic approved, it’s time to get down to writing. Please adhere to our writing guidelines and check some of our already published guides for inspiration. There’s often too much collaboration going on amongst mobile engineering teams— slowing things down. We discuss 4 ways to go from collaboration overload to effective collaboration. Join the DevOps Community of Practice in a panel discussion as different agencies share technical best practices in various offices.

Move at high velocity so you can innovate for customers faster, adapt to changing markets better, and grow more efficient at driving business results. The DevOps model enables your developers and operations teams to achieve these results. For example, microservices and continuous delivery let teams take ownership of services and then release updates to them quicker. Continuous integration is a software development practice where developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are run.

We are open to sponsored content posting if you wish to improve your online presence. Pictures must be sent separately, attached to an email. 4) We accept only materials in the form of articles and infographics. DevOps is not a new term anymore; most IT enterprises are already using this agile development methodology. It has gained immense popularity in the last few years by allowing comp… We’re always looking for experts like yourself who are passionate about DevOps-related practices.

Building Web Components with AngularIn this tutorial we’ll learn about web components and we’ll use Angular to build a simple web component. Once we positively review your portfolio, you’ll be contacted by one of our editors who’ll lead you through the rest of the process. Represent the future of automation with our gift pack that includes a hoodie, a canvas bag, and some sweets to keep you going. Razorops is a complete container native CI/CD solution handling all aspects of the software lifecycle from the moment a commit is created until it is deployed to production. Articles can be published elsewhere too, we don’t require exclusivity.


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Although the cadence and size of updates will vary, organizations using a DevOps model deploy updates much more often than organizations using traditional software development practices. Software and the Internet have transformed the world and its industries, from shopping to entertainment to banking. Software no longer merely supports a business; rather it becomes an integral component of every part of a business. Companies interact with their customers through software delivered as online services or applications and on all sorts of devices.

Thus, engineers can interface with infrastructure using code-based tools and treat infrastructure in a manner similar to how they treat application code. Because they are defined by code, infrastructure and servers can quickly be deployed using standardized patterns, updated with the latest patches and versions, or duplicated in repeatable ways. Transitioning to DevOps requires a change in culture and mindset. At its simplest, DevOps is about removing the barriers between two traditionally siloed teams, development and operations. In some organizations, there may not even be separate development and operations teams; engineers may do both. With DevOps, the two teams work together to optimize both the productivity of developers and the reliability of operations.

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