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Include at least two royalty-free relevant images in JPG, PNG, or JPEG format. You can also use screenshots, graphics, and other images that illustrate and back up your points. Submit your topic suggestions before submitting your story. There is no option to promote any services or products in your story. No acceptance of the content that has content based on complete targeted keywords.


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In addition, interlinking can help existing visitors navigate your blog post page easily. 4 SEO Help has a great and latest database embedded with useful tips, tricks and SEO link building websites for on-page and off-page SEO. With these databases, we assure you that your website has a good chance of getting top of Ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Creating and distributing low-quality content is one of the biggest content marketing mistakes these days. If you’re doing this then you must know that Google is not going to give such content any value. I know the BS “guest posting” game for backlinks, and this is not one of those gigs.

Be open to accept and improve upon the changes suggested after the review. End your post with an intriguing conclusion to engage your readers. Add a minimum of 1 link to a relevant article of Pixel Productions Inc’s Blog. Both these examples pull out the writers own experience & that is what I am looking for. We reserve the right to not publish your post if we decide it’s not a strong fit for us.

Please keep our target audience in mind before writing forOutreach Monks.

Something that has raised several eyebrows and astonished his competitors. Now, we are leading stronger than ever. Your blog should be informative and mesmerizing. We share your blog with a purpose, to help our users gain valuable information to develop their digital marketing skills.

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