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This will allow us to grow as thinkers and therefore as writers. Find 1-3 compelling, artful images for us to choose from unsplash.com or pexels.com that are thematic to your article to be used as the featured image for your article. Make sure the images don’t have words on it, as the title of your blog will go over it. Please attach these images to your email along with your article . These sites are free and have copyright free images.

Pleasedescribeyour proposal, why you want to start the blog now, and what qualifies you to write it. You may also attach or include links to 1-3 samples of previously published writing. Join Medium with my referral link – Joanne Eden For only $5 a month, you’ll get unlimited access to every article ever published on Medium while supporting your favorite writers.

Please review the following section so that you understand the type of article we publish, both in terms of content and style. We want every article on Blunt Therapy to be well-written, informative, authoritative, and well-researched. In order to protect it’s valuable online reputation, Blunt Therapy is highly selective about which articles it accepts for sponsored posting. We believe that this is important both for the reader and for the companies that wish to promote their services. The web is filled with spammy, low-value websites.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

So if you’re a self-development junkie, an expert on substance abuse and trauma, called to help people and/or have a personal narrative involving mental health issues ~ you’re in the right place. If you are an experienced journalist or a subject-matter expert who is interested in contributing to Greater Good, below are some guidelines to read before you consider contacting us. If you do contact us, please submit a pitch and only a pitch—we do not accept articles on spec. The Wellbeing Pages offer you the opportunity to share knowledge, offering guidance, insights and information. Promoting self-care, mindfulness, wellbeing, positive mental health and engagement with Therapy, whilst showcasing your talents and demystifying therapy.

While selecting a topic to write, the writer should ask oneself why the writer wants to pen down the prospective article. What is the purpose, motivation, or significance of the article? These questions can help build a focused argument/theme. Every submission should have a title, which should also be used as the file name, and the subject of the email you are going to send us.

Our blog is focused on exploring the existential paradoxes of the human condition as related to personal development. We explore these truths through the lens of psychology, relationships, spirituality, health , wellness, nutrition, fitness, and personal development. Share your experiences, your struggles and your victories. Lessons learned in training or in life. How about sharing your new found discoveries, something you’re passionate about.

During this period, we’ll expect from you to provide us at least 1 article per month. This page aims to answer all of your questions if you are thinking of writing for us. We suggest you explore our articles as well and read more about we are, what we do and what our website has to offer. If you would like to get in touch and ask us a specific question please use the contact page and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with us. We hope to receive your article and we encourage you all to get in touch with our editorial team.

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