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Whenever you taste a wine, try to identity the fruits that give it character. Generally, you’ll only be able to pick out two or three. You should also note the level of fruitiness in the wine. Secondary aromas, which could include bread-like smells from yeast or yogurt-like smells from fermentation.

Do you love wine and want to get started writing about it? We are also looking for good writers to contribute to California Winery Advisor. There is a long and distinguished history of wine writing.

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I write about Pacific Northwest wines and the people making them. I fell head over heels for Oregon wine ten years ago and continue to share my love of wines from this region since 2011. We cover a range of topics, including lifestyle, wine pairings, and accolades. Concha y Toro is the most admired wine brand in the world. As a glass of wine is part of my daily routine, I usually rate the wines I drink. I plan to talk about places where wine is made when I’m lucky enough to visit them.


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You may even want to be trained as a sommelier, a certified wine professional. Don’t write down every single thing you notice about the wine. Focus on what’s most memorable or unique about the wine. You should also take special note of characteristics that really define the wine. Next, sniff the wine and absorb its aromas to look for “off” tastes and the underlying ingredients of the wine. What is the best way to store red wine, in the fridge or at room temperature?

It can be a great source of full-time income. The pay range varies according to the review. You can submit your story by filling up the form available on their website. Guideposts, much like the Chicken Soup magazine, publishes true stories of people who have attained a goal, surmounted an obstacle, or learned a spiritual lesson.

In addition to winemakers and growers, winery CEOs, distributors, tasting room managers, retailers and more read our magazine and online publications. About – As The Wine Ladies, we create editorial platforms to promote wines. This site is dedicated to providing information on legal issues related to the wine industry in Canada, particularly BC. We cover such topics as shipping laws, marketing laws, labeling laws, environmental laws and licensing. All of the information presented here is written for the wine industry and for wine lovers. Nancy and I started this blog to be a place where wine lovers can meet without worrying about their knowledge level or expertise.

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