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When you write your About Us page, make sure the content flows easily. Also, the content should be customer-centric and not a random rant about your brand. Every year, thousands of businesses lose potential customers because of the lack of a proper About Us page. Once reviewed and ready – we will aim to publish your article within 7 – 15 business days. Once your post is accepted and has been posted on the Ecommerce Prophet’s Site, it will not be removed. Make sure not to do the promotion of your company or your client within the post.

We also expect you to promote your published article through your business and personal social channels. Once published – We will promote the article on all our socials multiple times for 3 months. If it performs well – this will be extended for another 3 months. Once you submit your article to us, we will review and make suggestions for any required changes. If more than 50% of your article requires revision – we will discard the process and start afresh with another submission. After we’ve agreed on a topic, we will provide you with a unique Google Doc link to write your article.

We strive to offer real value and we want our audience to evolve. If we discover that you duplicated a topic that has already been published on this platform or elsewhere. However, guest posting on this blog is not without terms and conditions.


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This online store on Instamojo sells handicrafts by local Indian craftsmen. We love how they highlighted the people behind the brand in the About Us page — their founder and talented craftsmen. Once you have the rough content ready about you brand, you can put together your brand story. Decluttering is an important step when you write an About Us page for your eCommerce website.

All full-width-images should be delivered at 2x our blog column width to ensure they look sharp on retina/high definition displays. Readers of the blog expect high quality, well-researched, actionable information. A brand that sells delicious gourmet popcorn, their About Us page is a reflection of the grand and unique brand they are. They have narrated their story beautifully with the help of metaphors and accompanied by creative visuals. Take the help of others to help you edit the final draft of your About Us page. Also, you should occasionally revise the content of the page after it has been published, and keep it updated.

However, please don’t forget to read the below guidelines before submission. Before submitting articles, please read our guest writing guidelines below carefully. Articles submitted must meet all of these requirements to be approved.

Proper attribution of data, images, quotations, and outside content should be referenced in the blog. Put actionable tips and step-by-step instructions to help readers find the right solution in the long run. Insights, tips, solutions – everything you need to run your retail business.

We reserve the right to edit your articles for editorial reasons, including modifying grammar, spelling, and style. It is your responsibility to check the individual requirements of each image to see if it requires an attribution depending on the image license and ownership. If you have any concerns, it is best to confirm with the photographer/copyright holder. We reserve the right to decline the publication of any post, article, or comment deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject an article if it does not meet the required standards.

This involves the selling of goods from one business to another. Posts need to be submitted in Google Docs format only, and as an email attachment. Any article that falls in one, or multiple pillars of the above, that brings huge value, shares helpful strategies, and answers hard questions will be welcome. If these traits define who you are, you are very welcome to write an article for us. Here we present to you the list of 7effective tricks that can help you to get better customers with enhanced UX of the website & gaining refined leads.

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