Write for Magazines: 21 Publications That Pay $500+ Per Assignment

In my hook, I tell the editor about this national problem and how my article will address this concern and offer solutions to the magazine’s readers. I study what the magazine has already published. You do not want to pitch articles that the magazine has recently covered or topics that are overdone.

If you do contact us, please submit a pitch and only a pitch—we do not accept articles on spec. At this point in your article, you should explain to your readers how they can solve their problem. If you make your living selling knowledge, you might be resistant to sharing how-to details for free? It’s a good idea not to reveal certain aspects of the process for free. For example, not speaking about core components . This means you provide valuable insight, but don’t share everything you know.

If you’re looking for magazines that pay $500 or more per assignment, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. In the current issue, you’ll read about new threats posed by the Zika virus, rapidly-evolving drone technology, a cookie-test kitchen in outer space, and more. If you want to write forGreen Entrepreneur, study the guidelines and pitch a story idea about the cannabis industry. Last year, Entrepreneurmagazine launchedGreenEntrepreneur.com, to give readers that latest news about entrepreneurship, business, technology and lifestyle aspects of the cannabis industry.

You can read some detailed information about pitching, and why we ask for an outline in this article. We have lovely, experienced editors and reviewers with specific knowledge in the subjects we cover. They will help ensure your article really hits the mark. It’s a freelance niche you don’t want to overlook. Census Bureau, there’s an estimated 54.1 million age 65 and older.And that’s pretty golden if you want to get paid to write about…


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I double-check the writer’s guidelines for each magazine to see what information I should include in a query letter. I address each editor by full name and title, and keep my query letters as short as possible. The other market that I follow is general-interest magazines. These magazines are mailed to consumers, sold at the newsstand, read online via mobile apps or digital content delivery, or distributed regionally or locally. Finally, I use a directory called “Writer’s Market“.

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