WotLK Best rogue spec for leveling?

Sprint may be activated any time you need to cross a significant distance to get back into melee range, thus reducing your time off the target and increasing your overall DPS. It may also be used to escape AoE effects, or to cross any distance quickly to accomplish a non-DPS objective. Vanish’s primary use is as a threat wipe on all targets, and it should be used for this purpose on any fight where threat is an issue.

Consult the spreadsheet to determine exactly when this might happen for you. Of special note for combat builds is that by the end of Sunwell gearing, you are very likely to surpass the hit cap following the given gemming strategy. Use a spreadsheet and plan out all of your gear upgrades as you approach this gear level to ensure that you do not have to takuache jeans name resocket. In general, you can avoid this situation by gemming all of the red and yellow sockets on your Sunwell gear with, or by gemmingin red sockets andin yellow sockets. A common mistake made by novice rogues is not putting cooldown-based abilities to regular use. Offensive cooldowns, in particular, should be used at every available opportunity.

For trispec Hemo sword builds, note that one point of Sword Specialization and one point of Weapon Expertise are each superior to one point of Dirty Deeds for sustained DPS. For trispec Hemo Deadliness builds, taking Blade Flurry is superior to taking a fifth point in Deadliness. You begin any fight with 100 energy and regenerate energy at a rate of 20 every 2 seconds. Adrenaline Rush provides an extra 100% energy regeneration for 15 seconds per use, or 150 energy.

This includes increased Sap range and fewer blind cooldowns. The Subtlety leveling skill listed below does not use certain of the most effective PvP techniques to make room for other abilities that speed up the rate of leveling. This is the Rogue leveling guide to Burning Crusade Classic! This guide will teach you how to speedily level up in Burning Crusade Classic. It also contains reviews and ratings for the three main specifications.

Raiding Hemo builds will be unable to take Improved Expose Armor, therefore it is not advisable to ask a Hemo rogue to perform the task of keeping Expose Armor up. It will be impossible for a dagger rogue to simultaneously sustain 100% Slice uptime and 100% 5-CP Expose Armor uptime, therefore it is not recommended to ask a dagger rogue to perform this task. The following BoP epic gems are available from various sources, and may be used in any socket where a rare gem of the same color would normally be placed.

Something like Ebon Hilt of Marduk is going to be better than Blade of Necromancy even though it has lower DPS, simply because every individual hit will deal more damage. To increase your speed in leveling keeping good weapons is very important. Make sure that your main hand is a slow weapon to increase the damage of your Sinister Strike. Your offhand should also be a fast weapon to increase the number of poison procs.

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