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He never received the kiss of the cortical implants known as the Butcher’s Nails in his brain pan, though it would have been easy enough. Given his circumstances, beating the Butcher’s Nails into his skull came with significant risk, and he was a relic by any virtue of the word. The World Eaters feared to risk him in the surgery, so he remained one of the few War Hounds among the rising ranks of the World Eaters.

Scound’s Fall (Unknown Date.M41) – A small flotilla of Night Lords ships slip through the Cadian Gate and spend months in the Warp avoiding detection. Scound’s Fall, a small planet located one-hundred light years from Terra is chosen as a target because of its large Schola Progenium Abbey — a training ground for future Imperial military officers, Inquisitors, Commissars, Storm Troopers and Sisters of Battle. After seven days of fighting there were no survivors left from the Night Lords’ attack and the butchered remains from both sides are laid out in talismanic patterns, to help with the summoning of a Daemonic horde. Daemons rampage across half the world while the Night Lords head for the Eye of Terror, eluding Imperial warships intent on their capture.

They had to meet in clandestinely, as the majority of the World Eaters would feel this act of abandonment as being tantamount to mutiny. When they were ready to enact their plan, Sarrin secured five shuttles for her fellow conspirators in order for them to escape to a nearby frigate Bestiarius. After most of the shuttles departed, Skane, Captain Marruk and Sarrin remained behind, as Captain of the Conqueror, Sarrin would be the last to depart her ship. However, when they reached the shuttle bay they were confronted by Kharn, who declared they were all traitors.

The sons of Curze had performed the most horrific tortures upon these luckless souls, driving them into a state of constant pain-addled frenzy. Their combined psychic scream echoed out across the stars, interfering with long-range Vox communications and scrambling the minds of ship-borne Navigators. Imperial reinforcements were dragged out of the Warp into the killing fields of the Tears of the Emperor, the blazing asteroid field at the rimward edge of the Talledus System.

Those of the Night Lords that remembered the old ways fought on with the skill and pragmatic valour that had carried them through the Great Crusade, but found their efforts to re-establish the fiefdom that they had once ruled stymied by the Legion’s more zealous recruits. Loosed by their master, the nature of the Night Lords was made clear by their actions, for given leave by the Night path of exile name generator Haunter to hunt as they willed, they took to the worlds of the Nostramo Sector not as a disciplined whole, but as a throng of scattered warbands and raiding hosts. They bore little resemblance to the ordered ranks of the old VIIIth Legion, nor even to the savage but focused bands of the Raven Guard or White Scars who fought in their own style, but rather as a gleeful mob of killers.

This was the span of a single Nucerian day and the amount of time it had taken Angron and his army of slave rabble to score their greatest victory. Despite the brutality and even hatred Angron showed his legion, the World Eaters were committed to earn his respect. Meanwhile Angron had ordered his Apothecarion under Gahlan Surlak to replicate his Butcher’s Nails, and implant the resultant creations into the brains of his legionaries. However early on the process proved fatal to any Marine who dared try to endure the process.

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