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Myers didn’t say at the time exactly what it was that Jerry had supposedly done to him but he didn’t have to. The defense became too scared to put Myers on the witness stand and ended up agreeing with prosecutors that neither side would call Myers as a witness at trial. The Jon Dranov and John McQueary evidence alone should have been enough to debunk the theory of a Penn State cover up.

Paden claimed to have been a prisoner in Sandusky’s home for over 100 weekends during which he would be deprived of food and forced into anal sex in Sandusky’s “sound proof” basement. This continued until he was 15 years old yet he kept going back each weekend? Paden’s abuse was to have occurred during the same period Aaron Fisher was being abused with each telling stories about staying over Sandusky’s house “every weekend” yet the two had never met one another. Paden attended a Penn State game with Sandusky in September of 2011. Just two months before Sandusky’s arrest this man who was supposedly brutally raped over 100 times by Sandusky goes to a game with him?

Corbett and Surma had the means, motive and opportunity to manipulate board members and control decision-making during that critical week in November 2011. Tom Corbett and John Surma led the decision-making jj burton at the Board of Trustees. Corbett was Attorney General when the investigation into Sandusky began and had since become Pennsylvania Governor. John Surma was the CEO of US Steel and Vice Chair of the Board.

Zig and Liz come armed with the receipts to explain why they believe things are “delayed” and to debunk this latest scam altogether. The state initially claimed that the McQueary incident occurred on March 1, 2002. Prosecutors changed the date just before trial to February 9, 2001. They shifted the day, the month and the year of the incident and virtually no one in the media took notice. You would think that “when” an alleged crime took place would be an important piece of the evidence, yet no one in the media even batted an eye.

And in this case, the implicit message resonated much more than the overt one. Listeners may well conclude that Dillen is a bit nutty, but there is no doubt that his story is as true, well documented, and enlightening, as it is utterly astonishing. Dillen also conducted his own remarkable interview with Ira Lubert, which provides even more startling revelations. Mark Pendergrast is a respected and prolific book author who has become an expert on the topic of repressed memory therapy, and how therapists can produce false allegations. He wrote a booked called, “The Most Hated Man in America,” which makes the case that Sandusky is very likely innocent.

While this report is from 2004, which is more recent than some of the abuse claims, it is prior to the most egregious accusations from victims 4 and 9. Sandusky’s Low-T had been a challenge going all the way back to his 20’s and 30’s and was the reason he and Dottie could not produce children of their own. None of the “victims” had claimed abuse in their initial conversation with police. None of these “victims” had reported any crime to anyone prior to being solicited by police.

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