Wiffle Ball Rules

All runners automatically advance the same number of bases as the batter. Base runners advance same amount of bases as batter. Any fair ball that goes over the fence is a home run. If an outfielder touches the ball or the fence, even if caught, it is still considered a home run. PITCHER – A pitcher may be substituted for at any time after he has faced a minimum of one batter. A pitcher being replaced maintains his spot in the batting order.

1) The target strike zone will be 32 inches high by 22 inches wide and will stand 18 inches off the ground. The zone marker will be made of a PVC frame with a metal strike plate attached to the frame. The strike plate will have a 4 inch diameter hole in the middle. 20.Fly balls and Ground balls caught and then immediately thrown to hit the strike zone in the air. Can be turned with or without runners on base.

The batter may switch sides at any time in the count. The batter must notify the pitcher before doing so, otherwise the pitch will be called a strike. A ball that hits any part of the outfield fence is a triple. If a ground ball is dropped by a fielder in front of the singles line, it will be ruled a single. The target strike zone will be 32 inches high by 22 inches wide and will stand 12 inches off the ground.

If ball is touched in foul territory it is foul. Ground ball outside of foul lines prior to reaching singles line. A defensive player shall not engage in any action or movement with the intent to distract the batter. Work at a hospital that had some above a courtyard to keep the birds out of the tree, got rid of the trees and the netting is no longer needed.

This invention, entitled “Collapsible and Portable Strikezone & Backstop for WIFFLE® Ball Games,” is a lightweight, portable strikezone and backstop for use in WIFFLE ball games. This invention calls pitches entering the strikezone, embedded on the collapsible backstop frame, “strikes” and stops “balls” hitting the backstop. This WIFFLE ball strikezone and backstop is portable and collapsible, being able to have its coilable frame rapidly unfurl and attach to lightweight rods in assembly. The invention’s strikezone netting serves an objective “umpire” for pitches, while its backstop assists batters in retrieving “balls” faster—facilitating WIFFLE ball play. Additionally, the portable and collapsible nature of this invention offers easy set-up for use and disassembly for storage with its coilable steel-wire frame.

A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Scaled 2D drawings and 3D models available for download. The BALL – The official Wiffle Ball shall be the official ball. The INFELD shall be marked with a 42 ft. single line, extending from Foul line to Foul line, and a 65 ft. double’s line, also extending from Foul line to Foul line. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart.

The strike zone in baseball refers to the volume of space which a ball must pass through to be called a ‘strike’ (if the batter doesn’t swing). The home-plate umpire determines balls and strikes after every pitch thrown. The reality is that different umpires will have different strike zones. Some may call strikes when the ball is actually a bit wide of the plate. Some umpires may have a smaller strike zone, while others will have a large strike zone. The important thing for baseball players to do is to recognize this and understand that the strike zone may not always be exactly the same.

The claims therefore are to be accorded a range of equivalents commensurate with the advances made over the art. Although the present invention is briefly summarized, the fuller understanding of the invention can be obtained by the following drawings, detailed description and appended claims. At this point, you could say you’re done with the frame, but I highly recommend painting it. Pick your favorite team colors, or just go with black. Either way, a coat of paint will do wonders. Because we’re using the Tee joints to connect to the base, I had to break the bottom up into three separate pieces, that’s why you see those cuts in the list.

The game has enjoyed increasing popularity since its first patent sale of the patented product in 1959, and is now being enjoyed in competitive organized leagues . With the difficulty of coordinating 9 players per team, totaling 18, for each game, baseball and softball games have become increasingly challenging to coordinate during these social times to a designated underhand pitch softball time where all 18 players can attend. Therefore, WIFFLE® ball provides an alternative, offering the simulation of a baseball game in a more accessible format with fewer necessary players. These prior inventions are made with sturdier and heavier components specifically designed for use with baseballs rather than WIFFLE® balls or other plastic baseballs.

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