Why Is My Dog Bleeding From Its Eye

If you notice that blood has pooled up on the inside of your dog’s eye, the condition is known as hyphema. Hyphema can occur from blunt trauma to a dog’s face and needs treatment as soon as possible to help protect a dog’s vision. In mild cases, the blood may go away, but in other cases, a vet may recommend more intensive procedures.

Some examples of particular dog breeds that can develop hyphema are Labradors and Boxers. It’s also possible that your dog could be suffering from a life-threatening cancerous tumor. Only a professional can carefully detect weedmaps natural relief this, so it’s better to take your dog to the vet immediately. Dogs can develop breathing trouble for a variety of reasons. Familiarize yourself with some common dog breathing challenges and their possible remedies.

The degree of hemorrhage in the anterior chamber is variable. The type and extent of hyphema depends on the underlying cause. To understand hyphema, one must have a basic understanding of eye anatomy. The colored part is the iris, the borders of which form the pupil. The area between the cornea and the iris is called the anterior chamber.

Pet Insurance covers the cost of many common pet health conditions. Prepare for the unexpected by getting a quote from top pet insurance providers. Get practical pet health tips, articles, and insights from our veterinary community delivered weekly to your inbox. Hyphema can also be indicative of various ocular and systemic deficiencies, some of which may be life threatening. Therefore, its diagnosis and proper treatment is very important. A. Green, “Coagulopathic effects and therapy of brodifacoum toxicosis in dogs,” Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, vol.

A month ago my dog bumped her head and her eye went from being a cloudy blue color, to a green color, and then eventually a red/purple color. I took her to the vet they said she had a high blood pressure of 79. They prescribed two different eyedrops which we applied for 14 days and then took her back to that same vet.

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