Why can’t I see my Facebook reviews?

They’ve announced a new feature called File Manager, which allows businesses to create, manage, and post content within the Business Suite in a streamlined way. You can add a WhatsApp CTA button to your Instagram profile that, when clicked, will open the app so users can message you there directly. You can connect your Instagram account with your business’s WhatsApp account just by adding the WhatsApp business number to your Instagram account in the app’s settings. Facebook is introducing new tools to help with that, allowing creators to block a user and any new accounts they create in addition to hiding unwanted comments.

The company knows that their platform has been used to spread misleading information and potentially take advantage of people, so they’re doing their part to ensure that this isn’t happening now. TechCrunch, is that the new update will eliminate the in-app Discover section. All that’s left will be “Chats” and “People” facebook reviews disappeared 2020 for your main navigation options. Facebook has announced that due to changes in the moderation process and with staff out of office, there may be delays and errors in ad reviews. As a business, be prepared for some users to take longer to respond to you both publicly and privately if they’re using this feature.

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook’s Clear History tool for a while now and what it means for marketers, and it’s officially here in a big way. It’s been rolling out for a little while, and it’s now available to all Facebook users around the globe. Your audience is likely to be online more, so this isn’t a time to slow down the messaging, but they may respond more to certain types of content than others now, so be on the lookout for that. Make sure that you’re creating your ads and submitting them for approval long before you actually need them so you have time to adjust, edit, or appeal them if needed. Facebook recently started rolling out “Quiet Mode,” which simply allows users to silence all notifications. The idea is to encourage them to actually walk away from their screens .

Have you made attempts to get around the ad review process in the past, or to find loopholes? Are a large number of ads being rejected, or reported by users? Facebook may take action against advertisers who consistently violate their policies, including suspension or banning. When an ad is first submitted, they’ll use an automated review that uses machine learning and algorithms to flag potential issues.

A global rollout is expected to follow within the next few months. Moving forward, users can tap a heart icon at the bottom of the screen when viewing a Story. These likes won’t be sent via a direct message, and instead will show up as a heart symbol next to the user’s name when the creator is looking at their Story’s View data. The placement will include ads with clickable banners at the bottom of the Reels or stickers that can be placed anywhere within the Reel. Adding captions makes Instagram more accessible for those in the deaf/hard-of-hearing communities🧏🦻.

This will save time, allowing you to easily shoot out review requests without getting hung up on the structure or the way you frame it. Select the fourth option from the left-hand side menu titled “Templates and Tabs.” This menu has to do with managing your business page’s components that are on display to your customers. Now, instead of leaving a rating, when a customer wants to review a business on Facebook, they can choose to “recommend” or “not recommend” a business page.

When an employee reviews their employer on Google Business Profile, this can be seen as a conflict of interest – even if the employee has purchased your products or services. This practice is frowned upon because many employers will require that employees leave positive reviews or offer incentives for employees to leave reviews. If a review is written by a manager of the business’s Google accounts, this could be seen as a conflict of interest by Google. Generally, the person managing your Google My Business account is not a customer. That means all you need to do is ask, and you shall receive. If asking for Facebook reviews sounds uncomfortable, know you’re not alone.

Facebook has rarely shown every review for a page unless that page only has a couple of reviews. If you have very old reviews or reviews that are under 30 days old, it’s possible that they just aren’t showing. There’s not much you can do to recover old reviews, and new reviews would presumably show up after a few weeks, so you can’t do anything other than wait.

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