Why Butterfly Locs Should Be Your New Hairstyle For Fall

So, one of the most important questions that may bother you is how long do butterfly locs last? Like the majority of protective hairstyles, butterfly locks may last for quite a while. If you maintain them properly and refresh them regularly, then their lifespan may be up to three months or even longer.

First, you can start by soaking your locs extension in an Apple Cider or Vinegar rinse. This will prevent any form of itchiness on your scalp and hair, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. To keep your butterfly locs looking neat, you can apply a mousse at intervals to refresh your locs. THIS tutorial 👇🏾 is probably the BEST one to watch if you’re into the crochet method. Mary K Bella shows how she uses the crochet method with hair that isn’t pre-Loc’d, which is helpful right now as there aren’t a TON of already loc’d Butterfly Locs hair. Butterfly Locs are the hot new style in these streets.

If you wish to spice up your look but aren’t ready to rock bright red, burgundy butterfly locs are just the thing. Since lighter shades tend to better showcase the texture nuances, the white locs of this hairstyle accentuate the fluffiness. Here, we have a nice blunt lob made of butterfly locs with a more regular pattern and smoother finish. Playing with parting is just another way to give a unique touch to your butterfly locs. Apart from the volume and length that come with the butterfly locs packed into a high bun, we cannot but give a second glance at these fun spirals.

When properly maintained, your butterfly locs can last 2-3 months or more. However, you’ve got to ensure that you give the style adequate maintenance. However, it turns out that Butterfly Locs is one of the protective hairstyles we can hardly get enough of, thanks to its messy butterfly effect.

How to butterfly locs, type of hair used, maintenance tips, how to safely remove butterfly locs and everything you need to know before getting butterfly locs. It is made using a crochet method; red and purple split hair hence it doesn’t hurt during and after making it. A typical butterfly locs hairdo should last an average of 3-5hrs before completion, and 7hrs if you’re opting for extra lengthened locs.

Though, no matter what approach you are going to choose, it is a good idea to soak the purchased hair in a hair rinse made of Apple Cider Vinegar. Several hours will be enough for the locks to soak in the solution so that you can avoid irritation afterward. Now use one of the techniques we have described below to create butter fly locs. There’s no shortage of inspiration out there when it comes to protective hairstyles.

Carter also notes that if you choose to do a wash day, you won’t be getting a full wash because there are sections of your hair that will be tucked away. This might depend on the stylist you go to, as there are a few different ways to get the job done. Some stylists use the braid and wrap method, which consists of sectioning the hair into brick-layered or free-parted foundation braids or plaits. The amount of braids you get installed depends on your hair density and the size you want, says Joseph. However, it can be easily done by simply wrapping the hair to your desired length and wrapping it back up until you have no braiding hair left.

To prevent cutting your natural, she says to cut the loc a few inches below the end of your natural hair. Butterfly locs can last anywhere between four to six weeks before the natural roots start to lock and the style becomes frizzy. Below, Courtney explains everything you need to know about this trending style. You can take steps to minimize frizz and keep the style intact for longer, but some frizz is just par for course. This type of faux loc is intended to look a little undone and messy. Try a little twist on the classic half-up hairstyle by trying a split half-updo.

First, cut the ends of the locs , and begin unraveling before unbraiding your hair. Have an oil, like Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Pure Hair Oil, handy to loosen buildup and release tension. This might be a carefree hairstyle, but you don’t want it to be a total mess. There are plenty of cute butterfly hairstyles (like a half-up ponytail) that you can try, but they’ll stay looking fresher for longer the less you manipulate them.

Most people use around six-packs of hair when doing butterfly locs. However, we still recommend getting eight because if this is the first time you make these locs yourself, you will mess up a few times. Actually, butterfly locs can be smoother or messier depending on the way the hair extensions are installed.

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