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Giving You Everything, an official documentary film about the reunion, was directed by Bob Smeaton and first aired on Australia’s Fox8 on 16 December 2007, followed by BBC One in the UK on 31 December. The group made their film debut in Spice World with director Bob Spiers. Meant to accompany their second album, the style and content of the movie was in the same vein as the Beatles’ films in the 1960s such as A Hard Day’s Night. The Spice Girls are considered style icons of the 1990s; their image and styles becoming inextricably tied to the band’s identity. They are credited with setting 1990s fashion trends such as Buffalo platform shoes and double bun hairstyles.

The album’s sound was initially more pop-influenced, similar to their first two albums, and included production from Eliot Kennedy. The album’s sound took a mature direction when American producers like Rodney Jerkins, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis came on board to collaborate with the group. In December 1999, the Spice Girls embarked on a UK-only tour, Christmas in Spiceworld, in London and Manchester, during which they showcased new songs from the third album.

Sinclair noted that while Chisholm’s ad libs are a distinctive feature of certain Spice Girls songs, the difference in the amount of time her voice was featured over any other member was negligible. Unlike prior pop vocal groups, the Spice Girls shared vocals, rather than having a lead vocalist supported by others. The group did not want any one member to be considered the lead singer, and so each song was divided into one or two lines each, before all five voices harmonised in the chorus.

They have sold 100 million records worldwide, achieving certified sales of 13 million albums in Europe, 14 million records in the US and 2.4 million in Canada. The group achieved the highest-charting debut for a UK group on the Billboard Hot 100 at number five with “Say You’ll Be There”. They are also the first British band since the Rolling Stones in 1975 to have two top-ten albums in the US Billboard 200 albums chart at the same time . In addition to this, the Spice Girls also achieved the highest-ever annual earnings by an all-female group with an income of £29.6 million (approximately US$49 million) in 1998. In 1999, they ranked sixth in Forbes’ inaugural Celebrity 100 Power Ranking, which made them the highest-ranking musicians.

Since 2014, the Spice Bus, which was driven by Meat Loaf in the film, has been on permanent display at the Island Harbour Marina on the Isle of Wight, England. The Spice Girls became media icons in Great Britain and a regular feature of the British press. Rumours of in-fighting and conflicts within the group also made headlines, with the rumours suggesting that Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown in particular were fighting to be the leader of the group.

In January 1998, a fight between animated versions of the Spice Girls and pop band Hanson was the headlining matchup in MTV’s claymation parody Celebrity Deathmatch Deathbowl ’98 special that aired during the Super Bowl XXXII halftime. The episode became the highest-rated special in the network’s history and MTV turned the concept into a full-fledged television series soon after. They produced a total of nine number one singles in the UK—tied with ABBA behind Take That , The Shadows , Madonna , Westlife , Cliff Richard , the Beatles and Elvis Presley (twenty-one). The group had three consecutive Christmas number-one singles in the UK (“2 Become 1”, 1996; “Too Much”, 1997; “Goodbye”, 1998); they only share this record with the Beatles and LadBaby. Their first single, “Wannabe”, is the most successful song released by an all-female group.

The Spice Girls have also been credited with paving the way for the girl groups and female pop singers that have come after them. Unlike previous girl groups such as the Andrews Sisters whose target market was male record buyers, the Spice Girls redefined the girl group concept by going after a young female fanbase instead. In the UK, they are further credited for disrupting the then male-dominated pop music scene. Prior to the Spice Girls, girl groups such as Bananarama have had hit singles in the UK but their album sales were generally underwhelming. The accepted wisdom within the British music industry at the time was that an all-girl pop group would not work because both girls and boys would find the concept too threatening.

The Spice Girls have sold 100 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling girl group of all time, one of the bestselling artists, and the most successful British pop act since the Beatles. They received five Brit Awards, three American Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, three MTV Europe Music Awards and one MTV Video Music Award. In 2000, they became the youngest recipients of the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. According to Rolling Stone journalist and biographer David Sinclair, they were the most widely recognised group since the Beatles.

Their styles have inspired other celebrities including Katy Perry, Charli XCX, and Bollywood actress Anushka Ranjan. Lady Gaga performed as Emma Bunton in high school talent shows and Emma Stone chose “Emma” name inspired by Emma Bunton after she previously use name Riley Stone. The group have also been noted for the memorable outfits they have worn, the most iconic being Halliwell’s Union Jack dress from the 1997 Brit Awards. The dress was sold at a charity auction to the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe for £41,320, giving Halliwell the Guinness World Record at that time for the most expensive piece of pop star clothing ever sold. Overall, the 47-date tour was the highest-grossing concert act of 2007–2008, measured as the twelve months ending in April 2008. It produced some $107.2 million in ticket sales and merchandising, with sponsorship and ad deals bringing the total to $200 million.

Similarly, the North American leg of their 1998 Spiceworld Tour introduced a whole new concert revenue stream when it became the first time advertising was used in a pop concert. Overall, the Spice Girls’ earnings in the 1990s were on par with that of a medium-sized corporation thanks in large part to their marketing endeavours, with their global gross income estimated at $500–800 million by May 1998. Although by no means responsible for the onset of “Cool Britannia”, the arrival of the Spice Girls added to the new image and re-branding how to cancel simplygram of Britain, and underlined the growing world popularity of British, rather than American, pop music. This fact was underlined at the 1997 Brit Awards; the group won two awards but it was Halliwell’s iconic red, white and blue Union Jack mini-dress that appeared in media coverage around the world, becoming an enduring image of “Cool Britannia”. The Spice Girls were identified as part of another British Invasion of the US, and in 2016, Time acknowledged the Spice Girls as “arguably the most recognisable face” of “Cool Britannia”.

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