Who are Kyle Clinkscales’ parents following new lead in disappearance?

The sheriff’s office said the car was found about three miles away from what was likely Kyle’s usual route home. TROUP COUNTY, Ga. — A college student went missing on his way back to school in 1976. For 45 years, police and his family had very few answers. In 2005, authorities arrested two people in connection with his disappearance after they said his parents received a call from a man who said he witnessed the disposal of their son’s body as a 7-year-old. Johnson has been charged with concealing his death, giving false statements, and obstruction.

“His personality was just charming. He was a sweet guy. Most of the time he was very quiet. But he was very kind to everyone,” Griffen said. Mittelman said GBI investigators may not only be able to prove that the remains are Kyle’s, but may also be able to confirm if Kyle was shot to death as Sheriff’s investigators suspected then. “It can be done, it’s just technically challenging because the DNA, obviously, hasn’t been kept in the best possible state, and there’s not a lot of human DNA that remains after such a long period of time,” he said. Mittelman added that he had success with a similar case, being able to extract DNA from a man’s bones, after the remains had been found inside a car that had been submerged for years. On January 27, 1976, Clinkscales left the Moose Club, a bar he worked at in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, CBS affiliate WHNT reports.

One June afternoon in 1994, my mother told my father and me she was going to the Piggly Wiggly about six miles away in Lineville. When the store closed at nine o’clock that night, she still hadn’t returned. Around an hour later, my father and I went looking for her.

Clinkscales, 22, of LaGrange, Ga., vanished Jan. 27, 1976, on his way back to school. Authorities are still unsure of what exactly took place the night Clinkscales vanished. Detectives had no evidence of the missing college student until 1987, when a man in Troup County discovered Clinkscales’ Exxon credit card in the Flat Shoal Creek area. According to missing persons websites, Kyle Clinkscales was last seen leaving the Moose Club in LaGrange around 11 p.m. Clinkscales worked as a bartender at the club two nights a week.

Before this was brought to light in 2005, Ray Hyde had already passed away. Along with his death, died the how to learn tutnese truth and the whereabouts of Kyle Clinkscales. His body and his car, to this day, still remain unfound.

Sadly, Kyle’s father John passed away in 2007 at the age of eighty-two and his mother Louise passed away in January 2021 before his case was solved. On May 27, 1987, a man walking his dogs along Flat Shoal Creek, south of LaGragne, found Kyle’s Exxon credit card. His parents noted that his wallet had been stolen in 1973, so it is possible that it came from there. Morrison said Kyle’s disappearance changed the family forever, but neither Louise or John ever gave up hope.

Now finally they found the missing piece but after more than 45 years. Woodruff added, “We were able to locate a wallet inside the car. Inside that wallet was his ID and several credit cards. We have also located several bones inside the car. We believe those to be human in nature.” Kyle’s mother died this past January, and his father died in 2007. “The DNA will degrade over time, and that’s going to be true for all older remains, including skeletal remains.” The family released a statement to WRBL News 3 on Thursday from Kyle’s aunt, Martha Morrison, who is the sister of Kyle’s late mother, Louise Clinkscales. The two people were accused of making false statements.

On Thursday, she traveled to LaGrange to identify it with law enforcement. Jones’ trial was for providing false statements during the course of the investigation. After removing the vehicle from the water, local law enforcement determined it was a white Pinto with a Troup County license plate. Kyle Clinkscales was last seen in 1976 when he left his hometown to drive back to campus in his Ford Pinto. An image in the August 29, 1996, edition of the Clay Times-Journal shows the car still half-submerged, the back bumper connected to a steel cable.

The Clinkscales said the woman reported that the young man came into her business a few times a month to play pool, had only been in the area since February, didn’t know anyone in the area and was a quiet person. The car Kyle Clinkscales was driving when he disappeared in January 1976 was recovered Tuesday in a creek in Chambers County and bones were found inside. It’s too late for the parents as media reports have mentioned that Kyle’s father died in 2007 and his mother died earlier this year at the age of 92.

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