Where to Stay in Medellin: Ranking the Coolest Neighborhoods

The spaces are well-equipped, and it’s close to La 70, which is the most lively part of Laureles. Laureles is another fantastic choice for where to stay in Medellin, specifically if you’re looking to stay in an area a little less nightlife-focused than El Poblado. The neighborhood is relatively upscale and quite vibrant, with plenty of restaurants and cafes. The Hotel du Parc is a perfect option for travelers who aren’t looking for a hostel stay, but aren’t looking to break the bank. This modern hotel is comfortable with spacious rooms and full kitchens, plus they serve an excellent breakfast and even have a spa on-site.

A modern apartment in Central Poblado or la Florida is double the same in Envigado. In the Laureles barrios, it’s somewhere in between, approaching El Poblado prices in some areas. Oviedo and Santafé shopping centers, which are overrated as Medellin tourist attractions, but are handy for longer-term residents. Central Poblado is definitely the most popular place to stay in Medellin for both tourists and long-term foreign residents.

It has a world-class restaurant scene, there’s plenty of nightlife, it’s affordable, and there’s a large digital nomad community so it’s easy to connect with other travelers and remote workers. Although El Poblado is famous as Medellín’s party district, this wealthy comuna south of La Candelaria is also very safe day and night. Its centermost section, home to the hottest nightlife in Medellín, has a strong police presence during the weekend. On the other hand, the rest of Poblado is mostly made up by upscale residential areas. Some great hotels in this district include Estelar La Torre Suites and Patio del Mundo.

El Poblado is an upscale and sensory experience all on its own. For nightlife, this is among the city’s elite destinations, with an abundance of rooftop bars, clubs and, yes, even a bar with a ball pit in the middle for you to jump into. But, each neighborhood in Medellín offers its own unique flavors and experiences. In total, there are 16 communes to explore, many with distinct neighborhoods within them.

Some of the best Medellin neighborhoods are also the oldest. Below, I’ll show you exactly where to stay in Medellín, so you can plant yourself in the best neighborhood, based on your travel style, budget, and interests. Line A of the Medellín metro system crosses the district and offers two stops; Hospital and Universidad. Plaza Mayor is connected to the rest of the city by metro stations Alpujarra and Cisneros . This renewed section of Medellín is also home to the Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor, a major congress center.

It’s a great place to stay, and it has pretty rooms and some unbeatable rates. Element Hotel – A highly-rated, three-star hotel in the heart of El Poblado that serves breakfast daily, sounds impossible, right? Well it’s not, Element hotel meets all the criteria and it’s one of the best places to stay!

International House is a hub for entrepreneurs, expats, and remote workers looking to meet like-minded people in the heart of the city. Belén is my fourth recommendation for where to stay in Medellín, and there are some great accommodation options here are very affordable prices. We lived in Belén for just over a month and it was an excellent place to work and you can live very affordably here.

This spot has a great mix of short-term travelers and long-term residents that spend months here. The coworking space is great, the rooms are comfortable, and the best brunch san juan owner and his family are lovely. To be honest, Envigado is a bit far from the center of the city to be a good area to stay in Medellin for the average traveler.

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