Where to Eat, Stay and Play In & Around San Juan, Puerto Rico

I should also mention the café is rated #1 on Trip Advisor. You can start your meal with escargot, curry popcorn chicken, or something else before moving on to your entree. As for the entrees, great options fiji tahiti or bora bora include lacon Asado, seafood fresh from the sea, or their soup of the day. Your server will be able to help you pair the perfect wine with whatever you order, or you can go with a classic cocktail.

Add the creamy cheese for that brunch delight you’ll keep coming back to. Picture pink, yellow, white and green walls filled with multicolored drawings ranging from newspaper clippings, charming animals and people enjoying the beach. Topped with the strawberry marmalade and the caramelized salted almonds, you’re in for the best Saturday brunch in San Juan, hands down. The area that encompasses a part of the island’s Atlantic coast is not just a go-to spot for its beautiful beaches plus Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestoned roads.

La Casita is a bright pink little abode located in the marina of Old San Juan. Watch cruise ships come in and out from their shaded patio as you drink house-made Pina Colada’s over a tasty meal. TourOldSanJuan.com, Vamonos Tours Inc., and Vamonos Puerto Rico Inc. are not responsible for losses and/or injuries due to any activity or tour booking you make using information on this site. Events, locations, and tours are subject to change and we have no control over this. Please use common sense and ask good questions when making travel arrangements.

Located in a beautiful setting overlooking the pool, Caña by Juliana is located inside the newly renovated El San Juan Hotel. Chef Juliana Gonzalez shares her passion for local flavors with a blended brunch menu with authentic native flavors. Each dish invites guests to celebrate our traditions, using the best locally sourced ingredients. That’s because the concept of a “desalmuerzo”—a meal that combines breakfast and lunch—just didn’t make sense to Spanish speakers, particularly Puerto Ricans, until fairly recently.

The décor is a pink-and-green fever dream, with a blush-colored neon sign and murals of leafy blooms. Live music is part of the draw here—whether it’s a pianist, a jazz trio or a torch singer—giving the air a palpable feeling of celebration, as if there’s always something going on that’s worth toasting. Brunch is big here, and chef Juan Camacho’s creative touches takes it to new places. And bacon-cinnamon pancakes with coffee syrup are just plain genius.

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