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I want to show you that a life of travel doesn’t require a ton of money or all that much bravery. I’ve been doing it for all this time without either of them. Even if I’m not going to wear them for 6 months or more, at least I’ll have best brunch san juan a new suit for my next trip that I got for a much better price. Some options include California Baby and Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray, or, if you’re not checking luggage, stash these Babyganics single-use wipes in your carry-on.

If you don’t plan on doing any shopping in Puerto Rico, then simply pack all the linen and lightweight cotton. I recommend doing some shopping while you’re in Puerto Rico. I wore a lightweight, very light-colored cotton t-shirt (like these great tees from J.Crew) and it was mostly fine for my main day of hiking. It gets very hot in the jungles of Puerto Rico and you’ll want to bring plenty of water because there isn’t anywhere to fill up your bottle. That being said, you should definitely be packing bug spray to avoid this and if you are pregnant you will either want to load up the spray or avoid this part of the island altogether.

A quick-dry towel is essential in your Puerto Rico packing list, since not every hotel or apartment offers a beach towel. The Rainleaf microfiber towel doesn’t occupy much space in your suitcase or beach bag, it’s absorbent, and it dries fast so packing it back up won’t be a problem. SourceCarrying a waterproof pouch which packing for a beach vacation is a no brainer.

The choice of swim shorts is the most important part of your trip. There are a plethora of choices available in this area. While current trends state that the swimwear you wear should be up till the end of your thigh and above the knee. However, if this makes you uncomfortable, it’s completely alright to choose a longer option. It should stick to your body while also making you feel comfortable. You can also carry a waterproof bag to put the wet clothes in that.

I recommend a waterproof bag later in this post for the bioluminescent bay anyway, so that would work just as well. In the major cities, like San Juan, you may find that there are restrictions around what you can wear to certain bars or clubs. Be sure you are prepared and add some nicer clothes to your packing list. I usually also add a dry bag to my packing list and Puerto Rico is one place I wish I actually brought it. Specifically when we were kayaking to the bioluminescent bay.

From your passports, cellphone to cash this will be used from the moment you step off the plane. While the tap water in Puerto Rico is treated to the same standard as the rest of the US, with the recent flooding issues it’s better to be extra safe. While you’re out and about boating, hiking, or strolling the beach, there’s a chance your camera or phone may be dropped into water of some kind.

For strolling the beaches and strutting around the pool, flip-flops and sandals are perfect. Mesh water shoes are also great as they are light, take up very little room and are ideal for boat rides and exploring tidal pools. When planning what to pack for Puerto Rico, it’s important to consider mosquito control products. These keep you and your family safe from disease and make your travels more comfortable.

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