What is a parasite cleanse, and does it work?

Avoid starting a parasite cleanse if you’re already constipated. Before you begin taking cleansing supplements, make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber in your diet and having regular bowel movements. In an intestinal parasite cleanse, this is especially important, as the parasites in your intestines need to be able to exit your body over the course of the cleanse. OK, so if intestinal worms aren’t all that common, how do you explain the dozens of people on TikTok swearing that a “parasite cleanse” had them pooping worms for days?

This diet may include avoiding greasy, processed foods and eating natural, whole foods. “That’s one of the problems with these health trends,” Hajifathalian says. And “with just one small study, you basically do not know if what you’re seeing is a real effect or not,” he adds. While a 2014 study suggests that papaya seeds could remove parasites from goats, their biology differs enough from ours that it’s hard to say papaya seeds could do the same for us. But amid all the testimonies about the tapeworms and liver flukes TikTokers have pooped out, I’m catching a strong whiff of wellness BS.

The parasite cleanse trend seems to fall under a larger fixation with detoxing, or clearing our bodies of “impurities” to improve our health, which isn’t actually a thing. Sure enough, according to Kaveh Hajifathalian, an assistant professor and director of Advanced Endoscopy at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, you most likely don’t need to do a parasite cleanse. We asked a gastrointestinal physician and two naturopaths to break down everything you need to know about contracting parasites and how to get rid of them, as well as their stance on trendy parasite cleanses. After reading reviews and investigating which parasite cleanse was good for me I chose the Paraguard cleanse by Zahler.

“The market is full of supplements that are not regulated,” said Dr. Tailor. “That means there is no control over what goes into it.” It’s best to ask a medical professional for recommendations. See why Nebraska Medicine gastroenterologist Peter Mannon, MD, MPH, urges caution before following this untested TikTok trend. Our AI detects a high amount of irrelevant reviews for this listing. A number of the reviews included in this product may belong to other variations, editions or versions that may not be representative of the current product being sold. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

ParaGuard isn’t a prescription medication, it’s a super-strength formula that contains a unique blend of herbs that supports a healthy intestinal balance. The latest viral TikTok health trend sees people using pills called ParaGuard to rid their body of parasites. Don’t confuse this with Paragard, which is another name for the contraceptive intrauterine device. I cover the intersection of people, products, and sustainability, and try to provide humorous but useful advice for everyday living. I love to dive deep into how things work, and debunking myths might be my favorite pastime. But what I aim to be above all else is a guiding voice while you’re shopping, telling you what’s a value, what’s a rip-off, and what’s just right for you and your family.

Those products may work for you, but they may not, and you’ll be left with no next steps or alternatives. At Healthpath, we don’t recommend you follow any kind of antimicrobial protocol long term. This is a problematic claim pacaso.com reviews though because we all have parasites. For instance, by age 60, you’ve got a couple of thousand ‘demodex’ living on your face. You can’t see them because they’re only about a third of a millimeter long and see-through.

She also advises that you travel with a water filtering system, such as Brita, or boil the tap water. If your symptoms seem to be gut-related—meaning they’re affecting your digestive tract as well as your mood and energy—you might come across parasites as a possible explanation. Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite in cat feces and undercooked meat.

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