What Is a Good GPA in College? In High School?

ACT and SAT scores are not required for general admission but may be required for health science programs. At the University of Toledo, each program has its own GPA and test score requirements. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 is recommended by the university, but those with a lower GPA can still apply. The University of Maine at Presque Isle has a streamlined admissions process with no minimum GPA requirement. There are six start dates each year, and courses are available 100% online.

They are hoping that the students who attend their institutions will reflect well on their schools through their actions, both during the school year and post-graduation. Degree programs are available in education, information technology, engineering, business, and other in-demand fields. UA Little Rock provides students with opportunities to study abroad, participate in internships and research, and network with professionals. TCU has a student-to-faculty ratio of just 13-to-1 and offers 115 different majors. South Seattle has programs in business, accounting, education, human services, health, medicine, science, technology, and more. The admissions office reviews each application holistically.

Talking to a professional guidance counsellor may also be advisable, particularly if you’re still a high school student. Knowing what’s causing you to struggle in school will show you how to fix the cause, and this may be enough to turn a corner grades-wise. If you’re not sure what your GPA is at currently, it’s a good idea to calculate your current score and see how much you need to raise it. Your GPA may be higher than you think, and it may be possible to raise it sufficiently before you graduate and begin applying to colleges. If you’re still in high school, you might be curious about how college GPAs work and what you can expect for grades given your major of choice.

Just like high schools, colleges vary in how they calculate GPA. Grade inflation also significantly affects college GPA at most schools, causing many students to end up with higher GPAs in college than they had in high school. Weighted scales are also used at many high schools. A weighted scale will factor in the difficulty of your classes, so an A in an honors class translates to a full grade point higher than an A in a low-level class. For example, if the average unweighted GPA for admitted students at a college is a 3.5, you can’t always assume that you’ll get in easily with a 4.0 weighted GPA.

This is America after all, and anyone who really puts out the effort can get what they want, or at least end up better off than they started. My apologies no intent to troll simply stating realistic opinion. I have been browsing for a while and I always notice people worrying about their which describes triangle jlm GPA and asking if their chances are realistic. Yes they are possible, but of course you are fighting uphill. And also yea my post was harsh but it was the truth…lets be real. There will always be exogenous variables that you won’t be able to account for that will affect your gpa.

I go to a school where there is a double curriculum and I play for my University’s basketball team. Avoid anything really serious that could cause bankers to doubt you or otherwise turn the conversation to a darker side. Just say you weren’t sure what you wanted to do or were unfocused, so your grades suffered from that.

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