What Does Sent As SMS Via Server Mean in 2022 3 Easy Ways to Disable it

These exact steps will vary based on what type of phone or device you are using, but can be generally followed to enable RSC. Release the power key when your device vibrates and the other two keys when the Android logo appears. To navigate the menus, repeatedly press the volume down key. Rich Communication Services is a messaging system that allows users to access services such as photo sharing and group discussions.

That said, we’ll continue to keep track of the situation and will post an update once we come across any details regarding this. If you know them in person, you can ask them directly to unblock you. If you do not know them in person, you can try and message them through forms of social media as well. Once you turn off your phone, leave it off for a couple of minutes so it can fully restart.

RCS is the abbreviated form of Rich Communication Services. It is essentially a messaging protocol that powers different innovative features in the built-in android device messaging app. The protocol was launched as an alternative or replacement to the commonly utilized SMS protocol in most android based devices.

You’ll need to install Google’s Messages app if your phone has no built-in RCS, as not all cellphone manufacturer’s brand-specific apps support RCS yet. Typically, the message does not mean you are blocked. While it may be remotely possible, it is usually caused by different incompatibility issues or other small erroneous matters in the system. If you have been seeing this message on your phone, here are the potential reasons why. We are still waiting for Samsung to explain the exact reason behind Sent as SMS via server receipt. First, open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.

But here’s the important thing – the phone will never seem to turn back on. If you keep getting rerouted to voice mail after repeated attempts on different days, then maybe it’s time to take the hint. This next-gen messaging format has all the beloved features of the iMessaging app that keeps many consumers hooked to Apple devices. Users can complete transactions, and send location data, PDF files, and more with RCS.

You will see the message receipt as Sent As SMS Via Server on devices that are RCS enabled. You will see this message only if you and/or the user you exchange messages with has RCS-enabled devices. This update was rolled out by Google back in November 2020. It is however more evident in higher-end Samsung Phones.

In fact, in many cases, it has been classified as a malfunction. This new thought process has created many queries among the users which may include things like what is sent as SMS via server meaning and how can it be removed. What is sent as SMS via server and how to stop it can be figured out in many ways. An important solution for this problem is try to operate your device in safe mode. It will help you to find out if a third-party application is causing this problem.

This was a new feature that people saw in their Android device’s default message application. The internet was abuzz with speculation about what it was. Only the rubbish files that are no longer needed are removed when the cache is cleared. Many Android users wonder what SMS transmitted via server entails and how to stop receiving text messages.

It turns out the “Sent as SMS via server” is just a fairly standard message and does not mean anything is wrong with your phone. And yet, many Android users want to stop this notification and return to the old format. Continue reading to learn more about SMS, RCS, and how to stop the ‘Sent as SMS via movers and shapers server’ message. If ever you encountered such a message receipt, you are not alone. Many users even flocked to message boards and help forums to find out what is going on with their devices. The RCS system being down is another popular reason why people receive the “sent an SMS via server” message.

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