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The same goes for island tours to attractions like Harrison’s Cave or snorkeling trips that book up quickly. This time of year, resorts will have peak entertainment and the water sports opportunities are in full operation. However, I believe that there’s a huge difference between the dry season in Barbados and the wet season . Just because it’s called the “dry season” that it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rain.

January and February are good for land activities but a bit chilly at times in the water. October sees the highest amount of rainfall out of any month in Barbados and humidity similar to September. Visiting museums and attractions can be a good way to escape the more frequent showers – we love the rum distillery tour at St Nicholas Abbey and the spectacular rock formations in Harrison’s Cave. October may not be the best time to go to Barbados but days will still be sunny overall.

February continues to be peak season for tourists in Barbados, and it also coincides with cultural events on the island. The Holetown Festival is held in celebration of the first settlers to arrive in Holetown, Barbados, on Feb. 17, 1627, and occurs in the town in which the original settlers first arrived. February is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 79 degrees F , so travelers won’t need much more than a light jacket in the evenings.

Make sure to read the next section carefully if you decide to visit during the May to November period. The peak season comes with peak crowds, and the off-season comes with personal space and affordability, at the cost of the chance of rain. May, June, and November are the cheapest time to visit the Caribbean and still experience some of the great weather it is known for. If you want to experience the best of the Caribbean weather with the greatest chances of perfecting your tan, then December through mid-April is the time to go.

The Leeward Islands experience heavy rains from July to November, and lie squarely in the path of hurricanes. However, the trade winds keep temps more pleasant during the summer than elsewhere in the Caribbean, and prices are low. Indeed, there’s nothing quite as beautiful or serene as a December sunset in Barbados, where puerto rico what to pack crystal clear skies are painted with shades of pink, orange and purple. In June, travelers will still enjoy the good weather, low travel costs, and the calmness of the island. While there is a high risk of rain falling this month, there are plenty of sunny days to still visit the beach and enjoy swimming or snorkeling.

These include activities like the Opening Gala and Steel Band Concert and the Street Fair and Parade and other activities such as sports, traditional dances, singing of folk songs and beauty contests. The Holetown festival usually takes place around the second week of February. The boat sail occurs over a three-day period and attracts local and foreign sailors alike, who are eager to show off their navigation skills on the Caribbean waters.

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