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This was especially true regarding Japanese weapons used during the Medieval period. While none of these stones was particularly large, all had been sharpened along the corners in order to inflict more damage. This makes it easy to see them as a prototype of the razor-sharp metal shuriken. Only one of the artifacts was found in the ruins of Iwatsuki Castle. This was a small hexagonal-shaped throwing stone that was just under two inches (4.8 centimeters) in diameter and just a half-inch thick. Archaeologists digging at the Owada jinya had more success, recovering 17 flat stones that were slightly thicker than the Iwatsuki stone and up to three times its diameter.

Also, if a common person was caught with a samurai sword, they would often be put to death. As such, the history of ninjas — just like ninjas themselves — has long operated in the shadows. That makes discoveries like Akihiro Iwata’s especially fascinating. Finds like his shed light on the long, stealthy, and complicated history of ninjas in Japan. They were last used — at least officially — in 1637 to squash an uprising of Catholic peasants and disgruntled samurais.

Compared to the samurai sword used for slashing, the ninjato served as a stabbing weapon. In sword fighting, the ninjas were less orthodox than their samurai rivals. For instance, a warrior could use the saya or scabbard and the ninjato together, with one hand wielding the sword and the other swinging the scabbard to disorient the enemy. At first, it was difficult to hit the targets and throw the shuriken smoothly. However, after some great tips from my patient and kind instructors, I was able to improve quickly and hit a few of my intended targets. The feeling of throwing the metal stars with my fingers made me feel like a real assassin and it took me back to my childhood when I used to watch martial arts movies.

The tool is used by slipping the projectile or dart into the pipe, then using adequate force by breathing through the pipe to give the dart enough momentum to hit its target. Its forceful and effective power all depends on how good the user’s respiratory muscles are. The flat reddit in forestplanting business stones and spiked clay balls found at the site of the 1590 Siege of Odawara may be precursors to later ninja weapons. Several of them are thrown at the enemy as they are effective for long-range attacks. The spear or Yari is the ninja’s weapon of choice for attacking horsemen.

In addition to the ninja experiences, the kingdom also has a wide range of traditional gourmet food options and I had a delicious meal after my activities. There is also an onsen where guests can relax in the steaming baths, but I will have to check them out when I come back in the future with my family. For anyone looking for an exciting hands-on experience of living history, the Ninja Kingdom Ise is an amazing place to visit. After the weapons experiences, I was going to feel what it was like to be a military leader in feudal Japan. Important people often traveled on horseback and I would have the chance to ride a beautiful white and gray horse in my traditional clothes around the castle courtyard in the sunshine.

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