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No links in the body of the content, unless they are closely related to the topic and are natural. They must provide extra information about the topic you are writing. First and foremost, please read a few posts to get familiar with our format, style and the type of articles we usually publish. You can use royalty-free images in your submitted content. It is even recommended to use infographics in your blogs. If your article has too many links, but the content is great, we might send it back and request you remove a few of the hyperlinks.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you article is a blatant link farm, it will probably be rejected outright. Any images submitted, including your header image, must be either original or fair use with info on where it was obtained. If the content is great but the image is less than stellar, we may replace the image… but more than likely, we may just discount the article as a whole. We’re looking for thoughtful, well-assembled submissions. We reserve the right to make grammatical or content changes to fit publication guidelines. When you are ready to submit, fill out the form below with your 3 best pitches and/or attach a 100 word article summary along with the author’s name.

The articles you submit must be unique and advanced. Please do not send us basic tips or topics that have been well-covered on other sites. This is the number one reason that we reject submissions. Our articles cover platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat. Make sure your topic is related to social media marketing. Write a well-crafted and engaging article that follows the site’s submission guidelines.

When writing a blog, it is important to keep the tone casual and conversational. This will help engage the reader and keep them interested in what you have to say. Guest posting is a great way to get your name and your work out there in front of a new audience. In order for you to get your Blog posted on TheITbase, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge.

Read everything mentioned below for a successful guest post submission on VOCSO. Rather than accept guest submissions, we like to form positive working relationships with freelance writers. We love steady content for solid, smart, and social media-savvy writers, and we can provide consistent content ideas for you to cover.

After publishing your article on our website. You can not publish it on some other weblog web page or your website. If we locate the identical article on different websites so we are able to remove it without delay, take away it. Thank you so much for showing interest in our blog!

It would be great if you could include some examples of posts or articles you’ve written before. It’s a great idea to approach us with a few ideas (or just one, well-formed idea!) about what you want to write for us. Take a good look around the site for ideas of articles that might fit. Make sure you’re not suggesting something we’ve already published.

Socialnewsdaily.com will give you a good foundation and help you succeed in sponsored posts or guest postings. If we believe our approaches to social media marketing and writing are in sync, we’ll contact you. Every skilled content writer is welcomed here, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or individual. But you must have real-world experience in the topic you are writing about.

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