Virgin River season 5: Expected release date, cast, storyline and more

If you’re eagerly waiting for Virgin River season 5 you’re probably not alone as there are plenty of loose ends to be tied up in the next series… Just two months after season three of Virgin River was released in July 2021, Netflix went ahead and confirmed both a fourth and fifth season of the show is happening. The New Zealand native also commented on who the real father of Charmaine’s twins might be. “I don’t know where landed on that, but the one I heard is really, really good. It’s juicy,” he revealed.

While talking about Melissa, the fentanyl kingpin, she is involved in the drug business. But the question is whether Nick is also in the drug business, which is Jack’s new project. In that case, fans will be surprised if Jack gets involved in it because as we all know he is an honest person.

As Virgin River fans will remember, season four ended with Denny revealing he has Huntington’s disease and Jack proposing to Mel as well as the reveal that he was the father of Mel’s baby but not Charmaine’s children. Throughout season four, Hope was recovering from a horrendous car accident that left her in recovery for a large chunk of the series, putting a strain on her relationship with Doc as she refused to follow orders for her recovery. Seasons one and two dropped in November 2019 and December 2020 respectively, but for seasons three and four it was bumped up to a summer release, dropping in July 2021 and 2022. Now it’s a patient waiting game for the next batch of episodes to see what difficulties lie ahead for the couple and the town as a whole.

At the end of season 4, which was released on July 20, 2022, Mel gets engaged to local bar owner and former Marine Jack Sheridan . His role in the series is already set for a dramatic change of pace, as he’ll no longer be acting as a mentor for young recruit Ricky after he left town to join the Marines himself. One significant query we had following season three concerned Mel’s child’s paternity. Fortunately, a test revealed that Jack is the baby’s father, but a significant season 4 cliffhanger saw Charmaine admit that her twins are not actually Jack’s.

Brady tries to persuade Brie to stay in Virgin River, but they are interrupted by the sheriff, who has a search warrant for the premises. Parker and Lizzie drink what is a stag vixen relationship together as he tries to persuade her to take him back. A young stranger checks in at Fitch’s, looking for his grandfather, who he claims is Doc Mullins.

Without a doubt, Season 5 will see Jack and Mel adjust to this change, which, strangely enough, might be good for their relationship. Recently, actor Martin Henderson shared on Instagram that the cast and crew were celebrating the end of the episode 50 filming. According to our calculations, they still have four episodes to shoot before season 5 is finished. You’ll usually find her watching the drama unfold in the latest reality series and much-loved soaps (usually with chocolate by her side!). Grace also likes to explore new places with her friends and family and, of course, watch and read about the latest films and TV series.

He’s revealed he has Huntington’s Disease and described himself as not having a future himself any longer and won’t tie himself to Lizzie knowing this. So whilst Virgin River season 4 has left us with plenty of serious questions to be answered, it hopefully won’t be long before season 5 arrives and draws us back into the complex and captivating world of the Virgin River residents. “So excited to share with you that our little show has been picked up for two seasons!!!!

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