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If a share certificate is defaced, lost, or destroyed, it may be renewed on payment of such fee, if any, not exceeding fifty dollars, and on such terms, if any, as to evidence and indemnity, as the directors think fit. To enter into or be a party to any transaction or document, to acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with any information or rights or property of any kind, and to acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with the whole or any part of the undertaking of any other company, association or business. Use Social Wi-Fi to connect to internet with ease. You can access internet by registering just once with social login of your choice. You will not have to sign-in each time you visit, and we will remember you for convenience.

The prophetic sea deity Glaucus was also depicted with a fish tail and sometimes with fins for arms. The female oceanids, nereids and naiads are mythical water nymphs or deities, although not depicted with fish tails. “Nereid” and “nymph” have also been applied to actual mermaid-like marine creatures purported to exist, from Pliny (cf. §Roman Lusitania and Gaul) and onwards. Jane Ellen Harrison has speculated that the mermaids or tritonesses of Greek and Roman mythology may have been brought from the Middle East, possibly transmitted by Phoenician mariners. While the siren holding a fish was a commonplace theme, the siren in bestiaries were also sometimes depicted holding the comb, or the mirror.

The Neo-Taíno nations of the Caribbean identify a mermaid called Aycayia with attributes of the goddess Jagua and the hibiscus flower of the majagua tree Hibiscus tiliaceus. In modern Caribbean culture, there is a mermaid recognized as a Haitian jigga definition vodou loa called La Sirene (lit. “the mermaid”), representing wealth, beauty and the orisha Yemaya. In Hinduism, Suvannamaccha (lit. golden mermaid) is a daughter of Ravana who appears in the Cambodian and Thai versions of the Ramayana.

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The joint holders of a share shall be jointly and severally liable to pay all calls in respect thereof. To act as a nominee, Attorney, agent, consultant, Adviser, Manager, stakeholder, escrow, agent, proxy or any other entity or relationship whether having a legal personality, or not PROVIDED that nothing herein shall authorize the company to carry on the business of banking or insurance, nor to act as a trustee of any Trust. To import, export, buy, sell, exchange, barter, let on hire, distribute, purchase, and carry on business as general merchants, and otherwise deal in and turn to account goods, materials, commodities, produce and merchandise generally in their prepared, manufactured, semi-manufactured and raw state.

The male equivalent of the mermaid is the merman, also a familiar figure in folklore and heraldry. Although traditions about and sightings of mermen are less common than those of mermaids, they are generally assumed to co-exist with their female counterparts. The male and the female collectively are sometimes referred to as merfolk or merpeople.

In Belgium the law of 28th July 2011 introduced the principle that at least one third of the Board of Directors must be of the under-represented gender in autonomous State companies, companies with shares listed on the regulated Stock Exchange market and in the National Lottery. If the required quotas are not met, the relevant provisions foresee sanctions which apply to members of the Board of Directors or the newly appointed members respectively. The Export Regulations may therefore apply to the distribution of XXX’s products. By signing the Agreement, Distributor gives XXX written assurance that it is informed of and will comply with all Export Regulations applicable to the distribution of XXX’s products, and Distributor bears sole responsibility for any violation thereof and it will indemnify, defend, and hold Acer harmless for the consequences of any such violation. Colin Greensdale, Director at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, writes in his essay on Cánovas’ work that “He wrestles with apparent effortless ease to combine imagery and colour, delivering us dreamlike instances to confuse us with partially remembered moments and clear periods of calm. A series of works by Ernesto is indeed a multiplied task.

Sculptures and statues of mermaids can be found in many countries and cultures, with over 130 public art mermaid statues across the world. Some of these mermaid statues have become icons of their city or country, and are major tourist attractions in themselves. The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is an icon of that city as well as of Denmark. The Havis Amanda statue symbolizes the rebirth of the city of Helsinki. The Syrenka is part of the coat of Arms of Warsaw, and is considered a protector of Warsaw, which publicly displays statues of their mermaid.

Among the Ilocano, mermaids were said to have propagated and spread through the union of the first Serena and the first Litao, a water god. Among the Bicolano, mermaids were referred as Magindara, known for their beautiful voice and vicious nature. Among the Sambal, mermaids called Mambubuno are depicted as having two fins, instead of one. Mermaids have been described as able to swim up rivers to freshwater lakes. In one story, the Laird of Lorntie went to aid a woman he thought was drowning in a lake near his house; his servant pulled him back, warning that it was a mermaid, and the mermaid screamed at them that she would have killed him if it were not for his servant.

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