Unixûrsal Voyager Destiny 2 Wiki

The PlayStation VR2 headset will come into play as a new gaming age and developers can play more than 30… Every run of Dares of Eternity grants 75 Strange Favor, with consecutive completions granting more favor due to the Activity Streak bonus . Both Normal and Legend runs grant +75 Strange Favor upon a Platinum completion. If you’re looking to increase your rank quickly, running Normal Dares of Eternity is recommended. Increase your Strange Favor with Xur to unlock new armor ornaments, the Forerunner Catalyst, and more.

A new shader that applies an RGB effect to certain pieces of armour, weapons, and other cosmetics has been added to Destiny 2. While players knew that the new Dungeon, Grasp of Avarice would be included in the DLC, there was precious little information about what the asking price gave players in return. Here are all the new weapons you can craft in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. In fact, Treasure Keys are part of the second requirement to unlock the new look for your ship. You must collect seven Treasure Keys before you can fully unlock the new style. Furthermore, Bungie has also hinted that they intend to “re-issue” certain weapons/armor in the future, thus giving them another 12 months in the sun.

While we’re officially demanding answers–and royalties–from Bungie, you can check out Destiny 2’s sandbox for plenty of new activities. After you are done ranking up Strange Favor to rank 16 and collecting all 7 Treasure Keys, head down to Xur’s Treasure Hoard in Eternity. Keep exploring till you find a chest somewhere in the back of the room, it’s hard to miss it as it will have a ship icon on it. Once you open it, you will be the proud owner of the totally.science.github Voyager. The Unixursal Voyager has taken on a reputation for being an odd-looking ship. While it may seem like something you would like to own, to get it is quite a difficult task.

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While this streak is active, subsequent Dares of Eternity runs will grant an additional +25 Strange Favor per streak bonus. You’ll gain this bouns regardless of a successful completion or not; playing Dares of Eternity is all you need to do. It seems that it might only apply the effect to pieces of gear or certain items that have a distinct glow to them. The Solstice gear, for some reason, doesn’t fall under this category.

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