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The teacher asked to my friend and me to read material for listening to the students. It is mean that listening session would be manual way. So, the students must listen to us, and we must read it twice. I think for listening session is better if the students listen from the record, such as from cassette or mobile phone. If I teach listening course, I will use podcast or another technology such as from internet. Then internet, there are some examples of link for listening such as British Council-learn English, etc.

When I went to school experience I have pickpocketing. It happened in public vehicle when I wanted to get out from the what year did ally open their ipo bus. One of them pretended cramps, and I foolishly believe it. It is because I have positive thinking about them.

Flax river, and again travel north upon the oppcusite side of that stream. Fitted for tlie day’s journey, which Inul to be delayed until they were brought buck. A rapid descent led through a ravine to the eastern base of the range we were crossing. Gap appears to be the only paM tluit exiata in the portion of the range south of the Black canon. Were startled, and a little apprehensive that wo might h ivo readied the head of navigation. Grand and startling effects presented iu the cahons through the Monument and Mojavc mountains.

Distance there ia scarcely an irregularity upon the snrface of the ground. He also said it was a “myth” that education by zoos plays a critical role in conservation. “There are fantastic wildlife documentaries which are so much more informative. So a good zoo will provide great care and protection to animals in their care.

■tones, which he calls Devonian, “nbuvo which are beds of limestone !\tii j valley, and more recent than flic Jloiiiitain limestone. Bounded on the east and west by granitic mountains whidi mse above the ocean’s sur&oe. Than the hundred feet of gravel and sand which overKe it. These rocks, with trap and scoria, extend from the river to Chimney Peak.

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