U K Annual Report and IFRS Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2019 TECHNIPFMC PLC XS2197326437 TechnipFMC 4,5% 30 06 2025 Document incorporated by reference Document

Assets and liabilities related to credit risk were not material for any period presented. These derivative instruments are not designated as cash flow hedges. Material adverse effect on our consolidated financial position, results of operations or cash flows. The accompanying notes are an integral part of the consolidated financial statements. Business, financial condition, results of operations, or cash flows. Significant adverse impact on our financial condition, results of operations, or cash flows.

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Embedded derivatives are measured at fair value with changes in fair value recognized in profit or loss. Models commonly used in financial markets, using market data as of the statement of financial position date. Insurance contract is automatically terminated without any additional cash settlements or penalties. To settle on a net basis, or to realize the assets and settle the liabilities simultaneously. When there is no reasonable expectation of recovering the contractual cash flows. Impairment losses relating to goodwill cannot be reversed in future periods.

Was partially offset by lower activity on Yamal LNG as the project nears completion. Financial liability, increased by $1.3 million on a net basis compared to 2018. As a result of improving order backlog from international markets, primarily in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. A) Integration costs in 2019 incurred only in the first half of the year. Operations for the year ended December 31, 2019 to actual results of operations for the year ended December 31, 2018. Reduce manning and increase remote oversight of drilling and completion operations.

The effect of deemed dividends and other expected adjustments to U.S. earnings that are required in determining U.S. Primarily relates to the changes in the estimate of the stage of completion that impacted revenue. As the manufacturing of our product does not create an asset with an alternative use for us.

Expect that the adoption of the standard will have a significant impact on its consolidated financial statements. Shares, time-based RSU awards, and performance-based RSUs where the performance period is final and approved. Costs, integration costs, as well as other items identified in TechnipFMC’s quarterly and annual financial statements. Similar to the company including the oil and gas industry, construction and engineering, and industrial manufacturing. For 2019, our annual cash incentive comprised 15% of total target variable compensation for our Chairman and CEO.

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Wage and salary increases, life expectancy, staff turnover rate and inflation rate. These provisions relate to claims and litigations on contracts. Expense recognized as at the beginning and end of that period. Relation to awarded commercial contracts, or material, labor and overhead expenses. TechnipFMC currently does not classify any equity investments under this category.

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