TripleBlind secures $24M for a new approach to enterprise-level, privacy-preserving data sharing Techcrunch

To realize this, digital formularies will be required for efficient workflow62. A multi-health system company collaborative called Graphite Health aims to provide such a formulary, while also promoting a development environment and marketplace that offers digital health products interoperable across different health systems63. Large medical centers that incorporated digital health solutions into clinical operations moonrat coin mainly focused on telemedicine, and to a lesser extent, RPM17. Before the pandemic, most leading telemedicine programs produced small absolute telemedicine visit volumes compared to traditional in-person encounters, which generally mirrored national telemedicine trends18. Select large integrated health systems, such as Kaiser Permanente, however, reported using telehealth for over half of its 2015 visit volume19,20.

Hyperlipidemia is a well-recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease , which, in turn, acts as a contributory factor in periodontitis development . Our suite of tools enables companies to safely provide and consume extremely sensitive data and algorithms in encrypted space, in the most private and secure setting that has ever existed. Efficiency may also be furthered by novel infrastructure and processes that automate administrative and care processes. Examples include automation of resource-intensive manual tasks like prior authorization, administrative referral communications for potential transplant patients, patient ambient environmental monitoring technology to prevent falls, and resource and bed capacity monitoring64. The pandemic-accelerated the race and rise of competitors, many of which include non-traditional health providers, including large retail or technology companies, which are rapidly addressing the demand for more convenient forms of care. The company launched in November 2020, initially working with clients in the healthcare sector to share data.

They also could enable mass surveillance programs for large primary care populations for which the ophthalmic person-power does not exist to provide in-person assessments. Given the importance of image-based diagnosis in ophthalmology, and existing advanced AI capabilities that produce expert-level image classification, various AI-powered ophthalmology solutions are ready for clinical implementation, such as AI-based image-capture and classification solutions for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration61. Large health systems, including academic medical centers have had tremendous experience with various facets of digital health during the current Public Health Emergency, which represents a pandemic silver lining, providing a generational opportunity and foundation from which such centers can continue to transform care and engage patients.

Similarly, heterogeneous periodontal case definitions were applied in the included studies, different from the one introduced by the 2017 classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions , and, consequently, staging and grading of periodontitis were not performed. In particular, the Community Periodontal Index, employedby Kadhim et al. and by Fernández et al. , is considered to be able to detect the prevalence but not the severity of periodontal disease . However, lower CAL values were reported in statin vs. non-statin users by Sayar et al. , who attributed such results to the anti-inflammatory effect exerted by statins, and by Cicek Ari et al., , although not reaching the statistical significance; conversely, opposite results were found by Poston et al. .

The company’s technology enables the highest resolution and smallest form factor wavelength infrared sensors for key industrial, defense and emerging large market applications. US – Data sharing company TripleBlind has received $24m in a Series A funding round led by General Catalyst and Mayo Clinic. More specifically, “We struggled with accessing data to improve our models and the precision of the service,” he said. TripleBlind is collaborating with Mayo on data analysis, algorithm training and validation on one-way encrypted data and on next-generation…Read more on TripleBlinddeveloped a way to encrypt data so they can be shared without being decrypted or leaving the data owner’s firewall.

Traditional telemedicine, for example, potentially reduced the use of high-cost in-person resources, and hospital admissions and readmissions for populations with heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease12–15. Such savings were relevant with capitated payer models, while real-world savings in fee-for-service settings have been less clear and are being investigated16. Additionally, many large medical centers created ambulatory virtual visit programs or hub-and-spoke relationships where smaller, community spoke hospitals compensated the larger medical system hub hospital for tele-consultation services. This embrace will enable such institutions to pioneer cutting-edge digital health products, services, and approaches to advance care and mission.

This new partnership will allow Deck Commerce to enhance its product offering to feature more direct-to-consumer capabilities for leading brands. TripleBlind’s platform, which officially launched in November 2020, is compliant today with data privacy and data residency regulations in some 100 countries, HIPAA, GDPR and California’s CCPA among them. The company estimates there are some 43 zetabytes of data stored by enterprises today globally that is not being used as it could be because of the limitations imposed both by these and other data protection rules, as well as general hesitancy over sharing IP and other issues around sharing data. It works with data in a variety of formats, including PII, PHI, genomic data, images and confidential financial records. As Mayo Clinic builds a suite of clinical tools based on patient data, it’s looking to new solutions to manage that data.

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