Training Slow Pitch Softballs: ATEC Pitching Machine Balls

The pitcher has to throw the ball high and hard, and then the ball comes out of the pitcher’s mound at a 90-degree angle. The pitcher then throws the ball back to the pitcher, who uses the same kind of spin on the ball to get it back into the pitcher’s mound. Kodiak Sports is an industry leader in the baseball, sports flooring, rubber flooring and artificial turf industry. With over 14 years of experience, Kodiak has built a solid reputation manufacturing the best turf and rubber in the industry. I know I am, and it has to do with the feeling of inadequacy. You may think you’re a long way off the best pitcher in all of baseball, but you might be wrong.

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Compact and portable, the R2 rotates freely while in use, empowering coaches to quickly pivot and train multiple fielders at different positions. Atec HI. Per LTD Training Compression Baseballs are sold by the dozen. Regulation Baseball size designed for pre-game warm up and limited space training. Proprietary Tactile Surface Texturing for increased grip and accuracy.

ATEC baseballs, for example, are made with aerodynamic qualities specifically for creating an accurate flight path when shot out of a pitching machine. Lite balls are the size of a normal baseball and have three different varieties to choose from – soft lite balls, hard lite balls and Slider simulated leather balls. At Pitching Machine Stop, some of the questions we are asked most often relate to the different kinds of balls for pitching machines and what the differences are between them. HI.PER Ball Line – Machines are only one part of what creates consistent and accurate ball flight. Balls are an extremely important factor in training machine accuracy. Our High Performance (Hi.Per) line of balls have been developed with numerous proprietary aerodynamic efficiencies; designed to maximize your machine’s accuracy.

The seams on real baseballs and softballs also create an uneven surface, resulting in highly inaccurate pitches. The glue that is used in conjunction with the seams to hold the leather to the ball also becomes an issue because of the pressure that pitching machines exert on balls. Very quickly, wiffle ball strike zone cheap regulation balls will become “soft” when the glue becomes broken up. This often results in the covers literally being ripped off of regulation balls when they are thrown from pitching machines. “Real” Poly Baseballs – These pitching machine baseballs are made out of heavy polyurethane.

The proprietary high-visibility color ensures better tracking as balls approach players. Sting-Blocking construction eliminates handle vibration and is safe to use with performance bats, so players can prepare for game play. This type of ball is much better at producing a real curve when used with pitching machines that throw curves.

I think you have to be so bad that you can’t even keep up with the best of them, which is why you’re pitching the way you are. I have never pitched more than one inning in my life. Designed for high-level defensive drills, the R2 Training Machine maximizes fly ball and ground ball repetitions so your team can get the most out of every practice minute. To calculate shipping for all items in your cart please add this item to yourshopping cartand then go to yourcart.

The idea was to make it that much easier to throw the perfect pitch. This ball, and the way it works, is the brainchild of engineer atec. Atec is the name of the white rubber ball at the top of our pitch, which is so similar to a diamond in that it has four spokes radiating out from it. The ball at the center of the pitch is actually a ball with four spokes radiating out from it. The way the ball rolls out is by being rolled in a circle and then being flipped upside down.

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