Top Ten Biggest Greek Islands

Regions for Greek islandsThe largest Greek island by area is Crete, located at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. The second largest island is Euboea or Evvia, which is separated from the mainland by the 60m-wide Euripus Strait, and is administered as part of the Central Greece region. After the third and fourth beautiful beirut, Lesbos and Rhodes, the rest of the islands are two-thirds of the area of Rhodes, or smaller. To provide some sense of scale, Crete is the biggest island at 3,219 square miles . This would make it only the 49th largest US state, bigger than Delaware but much smaller than Connecticut.

Both Corfu and Crete are big islands and among the biggest in Europe, but based on the dimensions Crete is significantly larger. With a total surface of 29 square kilometers , the smallest Greek island is located in the Dodecanese and is named Halki. Here, on this part of the largest Greek island, just 6 kilometers away from Elounda we choose to set our camp and explore the island.

But you just can’t visit Corfu without exploring the coast and the beautiful beaches. Visitors love a wide range of beaches, including Mirtiotissa Beach, Arillas Beach, and Pelekas Beach. Corfu has so many beaches that it’s a premier beach destination in the Greek islands. The time needed to reach the island by ferry is about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Whatever you want to do, you’ll find it on Skiathos, along with many other tourists. Is a stunning country with tons of little islands off the main coast. People flock to see ruins from ancient times and the magical white buildings everyone sees in movies. The ‘fragrant’ island is home to beautiful beaches like the soft sand of Komi Beach and the darkly pebbled Mavros Gialos.

With a population of a little over 8,000, Myrina is also home to nearly half of the island’s entire population. The city is also home to the busiest harbor on the island, which is regularly serviced with ferries from Athens, Laurium, Kavala, and Thessaloniki. On the island, there are gorgeous natural sites to visit, such as a unique petrified forest close to a small village known as Sigri.

Sadly, the main reason that people hear about Lesbos or the island makes it into the news is due to the refugee crisis here. If you are interested in assisting or doing humanitarian work in Lesbos, there are ample opportunities to do so. Because it is relatively off the beaten path and its tourism infrastructure is not well developed, it is also one of the cheapest Greek islands. Like every Greek island, there are those beaches that are serviced and boast all the amenities, in addition to those that are more rugged, wild, and secluded. Not only are there a number of towns and villages scattered throughout Evia’s 1,417 square mile area, but there are also three mountain ranges!

Ios is one of the best Greek islands to visit and easily be partnered with a trip to the islands of Santorini or Naxos. That being said, Don’t be fooled into thinking that Ios has to be part of a wider trip, it’s a destination in its own right. A relatively small island that hugs the east coast of the mainland, Skiathos is an idyllic little Greek island to visit.

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