Top 50 Docker Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

It went from ranking 5th in 2014 to being 10th four years later. In short, Python enjoys much higher adoption rates among developers than Ruby. Python is less expensive, which is why for most projects it’s the preferred choice. Remember, just because something costs more doesn’t automatically make it better.

In other words, Docker images are used to create containers. When a user runs a Docker image, an instance of a container is created. These docker images can be deployed to any Docker environment.

Quora answers consist of many opinions but very little real knowledge. Python performance is not even close to that of C#, C++, or any compiled language. Furthermore, whatever author described the “reason” for the perceived performance difference does not understand how intermediate compilation works, nor that Python does something somewhat similar. I don’t really see the extreme disadvantage of not to be able to use metaprogramming with C# for the most applications, because the most programmers don’t use it anyway.

Since then Nokia maintained its own code repository for the platform development, regularly releasing its development to the public repository. Symbian was intended to be developed by a community led by the Symbian Foundation, which was first announced in June 2008 and which officially launched in April 2009. Its objective was to publish the source code for the entire Symbian platform under the OSI and FSF approved EPL).

Having the fastest sorting algorithm in the world doesn’t matter when your code is twiddling its thumbs waiting to load a file or get the results of a database query. Rust is desirable due to its speed, guaranteed memory safety, reliability, consistency, and user reddit former is now forestplanting friendliness compared to most compiled languages. We’re getting to the point in programming where speed begins to become a no-brainer. Python is a programming language designed to help developers work more efficiently and integrate systems more effectively.

Other than C, I programmed in COBOL for the longest time ~4 years. Yeah, COBOL sucks so much it has been running the world smoothly for 60 years. Call me when your code is still relevant after even a decade.

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