Top 12 Most Popular Beer Brands In The World: Chinese Snow vs Bud Light

With about 15% of the global market share, Tsingtao has cemented itself as one of the top beer brands in the world today. The second best selling beer in the world, Tsingtao is the top selling beer in the United States and is sold in 95% of all Chinese restaurants in the country. There are so many beer brands in the world today, indicative of how embedded the beverage is to the fabric of human existance. Below is a list of the 12 best selling beer brands from around the world.

Tingstao, often served in 640 ml bottles along with a glass of ice, is a common sight across China. The hoppy-tasting Pilsner beer comes from the TsingTao Brewery company. For our very own list of the top 10 low calorie beers, you can read the full run down here. Yanjing recently reported nearly 9 percent growth in revenue year-over-year, reaching $850 million in 2018. The successful brand will likely hold its place on this list for years to come. Below are three different takes on the world’s most popular beers, each with different compilation methods.

The process involves adding pieces of beechwood to the lagering tanks. Some of the yeast involved in the fermenting process collects on the wood and increases the yeast’s contact with the beer. This helps reduce fermentation by-products that may lend an undesirable flavor to the beer. Of the five most popular beers in America, Corona Extra was the only one to ship more beer in 2017 than it did the previous year. First brewed in Mexico City in 1925, this clear golden pilsner is the best selling beer in Mexico and the country’s leading exported beer. Corona Extra, along with Modelo Especial, are both a part of Constellation Brands.

We’re a team of digital marketers with a passion for food, restaurants, and hospitality. The full flavor of Boston lager comes from its two-row barley and German Noble hops. I prefer Boston Lager on those occasions when I know I only want one or two beers, and I want them to be full-bodied and flavor-forward.

The TOP Data Beer Report reveals the most popular beer in every state in the continental U.S., from imported ales to local brews. Read on to discover which beer was voted the most popular in your state. And for more of America’s favorites,The Most Popular Cheap Beer in Every State. Skol lager was created by a combination tecate beer alcohol content of British, Canadian, Swedish, and Belgium breweries in 1964, with the express intention of becoming an international beer brand. Between them, in fact, they represent more than two-thirds of the beers on this list. Budweiser’s light beer was first introduced in 1982 and is known by its cobalt blue labeling.

With its light body, slight hint of citrus and refreshing taste, Miller Lite is the perfect brew to pack in the cooler for a day on the water. Beers like this are also a good bet to have stashed in the fridge for last-minute company or to pack for a day outside. The low-calorie beer managed to ride the wave of an increasing focus on health from baby-boomers, when it launched in 1978. America’s No. 1 light lager of choice didn’t even make bronze worldwide.

This is an easy-to knocking, fruity ale that tastes like it’s straight from the orchard. The subtle honeyiness compliments these juicy peaches and passion fruits for a refreshing summertime sipper you’ll be looking forward to enjoying all day long! At a modest five percent ABV, this brew is perfect for those long hot days.

Additionally, by introducing its “no corn syrup” campaign in its 2019 Super Bowl Ads, the brand stirred quite a lot of controversy. Its rivals, Coors Light and Miller Light didn’t take the insinuations too well and a judge issued a court order that prohibited Anheuser-Busch from making any more corn syrup claims. Refined and easy-drinking, opening with lightly earthy aromas leading to a palate with medium-body, light bitterness and balancing subtle malty sweetness. Abnormal Beer Company’s Omakase is a IPA -style beer from San Diego, California.

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