Top 10 Instagram Influencers In Chennai You Should Follow 2022

“The collection was really about the iconic Burberry colors, so black, white, camel and red, mixed with a little bit of gold,” Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey told Reuters after the show. But with stars like singer Rihanna and fashion darling Ford heading this year’s catwalk line-up along with well-established names like Westwood, London is rising to the challenge. And it’s really the last of the major global capitals where we do not have a freestanding store,” he said. Exploring the worlds of music, fashion, art & craft, our writers cover the things they love and we’re always on the hunt for new contributors. Who are the rest of the so-called Lady Bloggers?

Lindsey Cheney blogs at The Pleated Poppy about her fashionable, homeschooling and crafty life with her three kids, ages 8 and under — all while managing her popular accessory shop by the same name. Folks, anyone who has followed Gala’s blog from the beginning noelle leyva onlyfan knows she started out wearing all vintage, with complete support from her boyfriend in her pro-blogging venture. Simon designed her site, he or another friend gave her the server space. My issue with Gala is not about if her blog is any good.

I started with To Be Gracious and Golden, but I got frustrated by its length and typing it wrong often. I changed it to Darling, Dearest because I wanted my blog to be more personal, a conversation between me and my readers. I love books that address the reader and wanted a similar vibe. When I left for college, I stole a pink cashmere sweater from my mom’s closet; she’d worn it when she was in college and I’d always loved it. So, when I started to blog, I knew I really wanted ‘cashmere’ in the title. I’d seen so many titles of “x and Cashmere,” so knew I had to scrap that format– my original was Collars & Cashmere, but the ‘&’ seemed cliché.

I wrote down a bunch of words that had to do with this theme, and tried different combinations until I found the one that just sounded right. It’s fun, quirky and light-hearted – a great place to visit if you’d like to see anything related to beauty, food, fashion and general lifestyle. The site is run by 19-year-old Lucy who is a Management student at the University of York. Lucy is active across various social media platforms and simply seeks to share with the world some of her favorite things.

Regardless, at the end of the day she has a positive, energetic attitude and she inspires people. The one thing that really bugged me was the accusations of censorship — I’m all about free speech, I really hope it’s not true that she deletes comments that she doesn’t agree with. Gala sticks to a palette of bright pink and black almost exclusively. I don’t call a pair of 5 inch heels a fashion risktaker if you wear similar shoes all the time. I do think, however, she should absolutely be honest about how she lives her extravagant lifestyle being a “freelancer” because she is clearly being MORE than misleading by saying she is entirely self-funded. Her wacked idea that everything must be pink and unicorns and positivity all the time is unrealistic and certainly not helping others to grow or interact meaningfully/intelligently but it isn’t harmful.

Her blog features restaurant recommendations, travel tips and recipes, as well as a style and living section. Easy to navigate and chock full of delicious photographs, Koko’s blog is a must visit for any foodie. If you enjoy a lifestyle filled with travel and adventure, check out this California native’s blog. Kiersten is a prime example for all of us to be true to ourselves and chase our dreams.

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