Tips to Answer College Interview Questions

Or, do you take a proactive approach and make a note to connect with your students on a regular basis? Discuss the ways that you ensure your level of engagement with your students is high. You can read reviews of former students and find out about their reputation in the educational space.

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For example, choose needing more student council funding over something like the school day being long. Think about this ahead of time, and pick a specific weakness. Be sure to detail in your answer how you have compensated for this weakness, with specific examples in mind. For example, if you are a poor essay writer, talk about how you plan ahead and ask for peer editing in order to ensure that you submit your best work. If pre-calculus isn’t your thing, explain how you sought after-school help from your teacher and raised your grade throughout the year. Remember that some schools might not request an interview for general admission.

Just as important, candidates will need experience in networking and sales. Candidates are advised to participate in internships while in school. nau course evaluations This would involve, which I didn’t know, creating and keeping up relationships with staff at the high schools/colleges you may visit.

The interviewer is wondering if perhaps you were influenced to the career path of admissions by a positive, or even negative, experience of your own. This question is not an invitation to complain about your experience or speak negatively about anyone. “I believe that the most rewarding aspect of being an admissions counselor will be getting the chance to help people carve their career path.” The interviewer wants to better understand your level of engagement with the students on your academic roster. Are you more hands off…waiting for the student to come to you?

I also offer them some alternatives that their children can pursue, which seems to work magic. To evaluate a school’s admission program, I look at the number of students enrolled who fully graduate and get a degree and not the number of students accepted. I may also look at the total number of received applications and the average GPA of the students.

First one, the questions you want to ask, the way in which you want to lead the interviews . Research questions asked me to draw on my knowledge about the positions, departments, and universities where I applied. Just as important, I used the information that I gleaned from this research to highlight my qualifications for the positions. These “what-if” questions asked me to imagine what kind of innovation I might bring to the position.

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