Tips for Sleeping in Your Car

But you’ll also deal with more crowded lots and having to stay extra stealth because of more people around. And, if you’re like me, have a party start next to your van (one of them even kicked my van!). From my experience, you are most likely to be noticed camping in a hotel parking lot in tourist cities .

The hotel’s lobby is a hive of activity because of a variety of hotel amenities, such as a hotel spa. You are entitled to certain rights if your vehicle is towed. Unless you’ve parked there for more than an hour, it’s against the law for a tow truck to pull you out of a grocery store or mall parking lot. A disabled parking space, a private club, or an apartment complex are not covered. The store is not in violation because it is following a specific ordinance in the city where it is located. In Henderson, there is a different ordinance that prohibits sleeping in vehicles, but there is no mention of parking lots.

Another option that is gaining popularity is couch surfing. There are internet sites where you can find people that will let you sleep on their couch and generally all they want is to hear tales of your adventure. I also suggest that you research internet and blog sites of bicyclists traveling cross country. They have lots interesting solutions to finding places to stay the night. One group was generally successful in small towns by asking around and getting permission to camp in churchyards and public parks.

Urban camping allows for undisturbed sleep because you blend in. You are in a spot where cars are expected to be and you don’t draw any attention. This doesn’t mean you need to be in a Wal-Mart parking lot. You’ve heard the rumors, and we can confirm, it is absolutely, 100% legal to sleep in your car overnight in the Walmart parking lot! Since van life is a lot more popular on the west coast, it’s not surprising that hotels are more aware of people overnighting in their parking lots.

Ultimate Campgrounds is a massive database of public campgrounds in the US and Canada. If there’s a public campground nearby, chances are it’s on here. doesn’t have every single campsite out there , but we’ve found that it usually has the biggest list of dispersed spots. If that’s what we’re looking for, we’ll always check this first. You can add campsites yourself, or review and add notes about ones you stay at.

Truck Stops that only cater to truckers are just about extinct in the USA — such places just don’t exist any more. While I haven’t slept overnight in a truckstop yet, I’ve taken more puerto rico cliff jumping notice of the ones I’ve passed on the highway. I am reading this thread having slept in my car last night. The rain was heavy, and pitching the tent just did not seem an option.

These spots are free, have few to no neighbors, unbelievable stargazing, exposure to wildlife, and the wonder of being out in the middle of the wild. And you can normally camp in a spot for up to 14 days at a time, although there are some exceptions . All states allow travelers to stop at rest stops and sleep in their cars. Besides this, these places are safe without the fear of intruders coming to disturb you. Also, there are bathrooms to use, and if you are lucky, you may meet a volunteer who may offer to serve tea the next morning. A select number of Priority Pass lounges are open 24/7 but even then, they limit the stay to 3 hours and may not be a reliable overnight sleep option in most airports.

The city staff and budget are being strained thin by the abuse. Overnight is where things can get complicated.Some cities don’t explicitly prohibit sleeping in cars but have time limits on how long you can park in a certain area. We’ve also seen signs on particular streets banning overnight parking.

You may even be able to park on a side street next to an apartment complex, blending in with residential vehicles. If you have the option to fold down the back seats, this will be the most comfortable option. For those 6 feet tall and over, you’ll want to lay on an angle, to maximize space, but you may have to lay on your side and put your legs into a slightly bent position. It’s also a lot more comfortable to feel like your are safe and tucked in away from the scary night and outside. Use your pack towel or similar fabrics to block out your windows from the outside.Particularly you’ll want to block the side that faces human or automobile traffic.

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