Tipping in Costa Rica: A Gratuities Guide for Hotels, Restaurants, and Tours

And this includes your tour guide for a specific activity, an entire day out as well as multi day tour guides. Tipping restaurant wait staff an average of 15-20% is the norm in Costa Rica. Many restaurants automatically add a relationship ride or die 10% service charge to their bills, which may appear as a 10% service tax or service fee. Most restaurant menus will state whether food and drink costs include or exclude the charge (ask restaurant staff if you’re not sure).

For a small country, there is a lot of weather and different environments. One of my top Costa Rica travel tips is to pay close attention to the weather. Around Monteverde and the cloud forest, temperatures drop, and it stays quite cool, especially at night. We were transfixed by beautiful country images and knew it was time to make the trip. If you’re like us and dreaming of a Costa Rican vacation, here are my best Costa Rica travel tips to help you plan.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are many mid-range hotels that offer more amenities, such as pools and restaurants. There are many different types of accommodation in Costa Rica, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. You can also find vacation rentals, such as apartments and villas if you’re looking for a more private and homey experience.

With a down-to-earth vibe, it attracts a clientele searching for digital detox and good conversation. Treehouses start at $100 a night, food not included, but you will have access to their amazing grounds and hiking. It was hard for me to believe this stunning country was so close and accessible to the United States and even Europe. Seriously we traveled to Costa Rica cheaper than it would have cost us to fly back to North Carolina. As previously mentioned, many Costa Rican roads are dirt and mud, so if you add a little rain to that, they will quickly become impassable.

It was tough to dry our clothes and keep them from not smelling and molding, but the real problem was with our electronics going haywire. Of course visiting all the natural attractions is the best thing to do in Costa Rica. The first waterfall we visited in Costa Rica was Catarata del Toro, and I was shocked when they asked for a whopping $14 admission fee to see it. Members who are extremely knowledgeable about this destination and answer travellers’ questions frequently. If you hire a private driver who speaks English and escorts you around, we recommend tipping 10% or more.

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