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The NSW Railway Commission began work on the White Bay power station in 1912 and it was completed in 1917. The major constructions on the site were done in brick and designed in anindustrial art nouveau style. White Bay provided power for the expanding tram and rail networks that crisscrossed the city. Extensions to the station were executed in the 1920s, which completed the original design in steel and reinforced concrete. In the 1950s the NSW Electricity Commission assumed control of all the state s major power generation facilities and the original boiler house was replaced. The northern section of the boiler house was rebuilt in the existing industrial style and the southern section in modern glass and brick.

From the 1960s the contribution of the metropolitan power stations to the state s electricity grid began to diminish and they have now all been replaced by cleaner generating plants closer to coal supplies. The White Bay and Pyrmont stations were the last to be decommissioned in 1983. The twin lines of the City Circle railway and Circular western blazer for wedding Quay station occupy the middle level of the structure, the Circular Quay ferry terminals and shops are located on the ground floor level. Like much of what was built around the world in the 1950s, it is functional though rather ugly and in a more environmentally and aesthetically conscious era would never have been allowed to be built.

In early 2010, due to the continued poor financial performance of Dubai World, there was much media speculation that QE2, along with other assets owned by Istithmar, Dubai World’s private-equity arm, would be sold to raise capital. Despite this sale speculation, a number of alternative locations for QE2 have been cited including London, Singapore, Clydebank, Japan and Fremantle, the latter showing interest in using QE2 as a hotel for the ISAF Sailing World Championships to be held in December 2011. However, as at June 2010 Nakheel’s official statement regarding QE2 was that “a number of options being considered for QE2”. On 10 July 2009, it was revealed that QE2 might sail to Cape Town, South Africa, to become a floating hotel for use primarily during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in a Dubai World sponsored venture at the V&A Waterfront. In preparation for this expected voyage the ship was placed into the Dubai Drydock and underwent an extensive exterior refurbishment.

The following day, the New York Times and The Times of London printed the name as Queen Elizabeth II, the short form of written style of the monarch. However, when the liner left the shipyard in 1968 she bore the name Queen Elizabeth 2 on her bow, and has continued to do so ever since. Other machinery includes nine heat recovery boilers, coupled with two oil-fired boilers to produce steam for heating fuel, domestic water, swimming pools, laundry equipment, and galleys. Four flash evaporators and a reverse-osmosis unit desalinate seawater to produce 1000 tons of freshwater daily. There is also a sanitation system and sewage disposal plant, air conditioning plant, and an electro-hydraulic steering system.

The young couple, each holding an open book of music, relaxes in what appears to be a barely sketched outdoor setting. Her loose-fitting mantua and petticoat with deep flounces are similar to the bizarre silk example in the Costume Institute (Fig. 2) and on her head she wears a rayon. MIRIKEL for nutritional wellness, MAIONE for skincare, and Vii for personal care with signature ingredient Dalbergia Odorifera extract.

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