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The Society of Collegiate Leadership & Achievement , honors students’ achievement and empowers them to be the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to maximize student potential through our powerful, customized skills development platform, vibrant mentor and peer community, and competency-based certification. The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement is a multi-disciplinary honor society with 60,000+ members at 600+ colleges nationwide.

Membership in SCLA is a distinction for undergraduate and graduate students whose academic success demonstrates their commitment and drive. SCLA provides members with powerful cuemath reviews preparation resources to launch successful careers. Loopcv is the first matchmaking platform that offers fully automation on the job search and job application.

According to SCLA website, the honor society has on-campus chapters and online chapters. The online chapter is a personalized learning path that is created based on self-guided assessments. The assessments focus on four categories assessing 40 skills that their research shows employers are looking for in potential employees. The SCLA honor society is open to students who maintain good academic standing and campus citizenship with their institution and who have accumulated at least 12 hours of undergraduate credit or 9 hours of graduate credit.

It shows that you’re dedicated and willing to put in extra effort, and it can be an incredible boost for your resume. That this is a relatively new society, which also offers online membership for people who don’t have an on-campus chapter, which is unique. Eligible students will receive an invitation during the months of January and July. If you believe you are eligible and do not receive an invitation, email We will not accept applications outside of the membership drive time-frame.

SCLA honors students who have distinguished themselves academically and artistically, and it recognizes their commitment to the academic community. There are a few requirements for student eligibility, but the most important of them is that you must be a full-time student in an accredited college. The SCLA honor society was created to recognize those who have shown excellence in their programs of study, and all students who meet the criteria can apply for membership. That this society requires undergraduate students to maintain a 3.0, but requires graduate students to have a 3.4, meaning the GPA requirement goes up as the academic difficulty increases. Undergraduate students must have completed a minimum of 13.5 undergraduate credit hours including transfer credits. If you join the SCLA honor society and are active in your chapter, you can expect to learn many valuable leadership skills as well as meet other motivated students.

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