The ‘Primitive Technology’ Book by John Plant

After waiting overnight, the pot was retrieved from the ashes and struck with a stick. The pot gave a clear ringing sound indicating it was strong and had no cracks . A drainage moat was dug around the hut and the excavated soil was placed on the hut floor to raise its level above the damp ground. Torrential rain fell while a fire was kept going inside the dry hut. The drainage moat flowed like a stream during the heavy rain event.

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Eight 2.75 m long saplings were cut using the hand axe and brought to the site. Eight holes about 25 cm deep were hammered into the ground in a circle 2.5 m in diameter and the saplings were then planted in. The tops were brought together at the top and tied with vine. A door lintel stick was lashed to the front about 75 cm off the ground giving a low door way.

The book puts all the practicality of his various building videos in easily understandable text. There are 50 projects listed in the book and each project comes with its set of easy-to-follow instructions. It teaches you how to make everything from huts to even tools by only utilizing natural resources.

It was hammered flat while hot but no large bloom was made. To make the smelt, a wood fire was made in the furnace and allowed to burn for about an hour by natural draft and blowing. When the wood burnt down to the tuyere the furnace was filled with charcoal and 10 pellets were added to the top and the blower was engaged.

Dont know if you have tried this yet but turn on the CC on his videos. I had to go back a rewatch everything when I found this out. It’s close to home so I go back and get food and water there thanks. He says after seeing Mr Plant’s videos he “fell in love with the idea of creating something so cool with nothing but your environment”. In a series of videos, Mr Dong demonstrates how to build rice paddies by using bamboo to funnel water from a waterfall to flood an area of excavated land.

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