The plural of “attorney”: A Legally Nonbinding Resolution

The individual U.S. states and territories, as well as the federal district of Washington, D.C. The majority of state attorneys general are chosen by popular election, as opposed to the U.S. Attorney General, who is a presidential appointee confirmed by the Senate. Under the Government of Wales Act 2006, the Counsel General is the chief legal adviser to the Welsh Government.

Since then, the Solicitor General of the Philippines, previously the second law officer, has been the principal law officer and legal defender of the Philippine Government. The Office of the Solicitor General is the law firm of the Republic of the Philippines. It is tasked with representing the Philippines, the Philippine Government, and all its officials in any litigation or matter requiring the services of a lawyer especially before appellate courts. It is an independent and autonomous office attached to the Department of Justice for budgetary purposes. The first type of attorney-general (“advocaat-generaal” in Dutch) is the public prosecutor in criminal cases at appellate courts.

The Attorney General may need to be distinguished from the Solicitor General, a high Justice Department official with the responsibility of representing the government before the Supreme Court. In cases of exceptional importance, however, the attorney general may choose personally to represent the government to the Supreme Court. The attorney-general of Sri Lanka is the chief legal adviser of the Government of Sri Lanka and head of the attorney-general department which is the public prosecutor. The Attorney General of the Philippines was an office that existed from 1901 until 1932, when the office was abolished and its functions taken over by the Secretary of Justice.

The Attorney-General attends Cabinet, but the post is not the same as the Minister of Justice. By tradition, persons appointed to the position of Attorney-General have been lawyers. Only two former attorneys-general have not been lawyers, most recently Dr Michael Cullen who held the post in 2005, and again from 2006. The term “attorney” in English is short for the original word “attorney at law”, which is a qualified legal agent or someone assigned to represent on business or legal matters.

The sentencing concluded the last of three federal prosecutions of the former attorney, who gained notoriety for representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her court battles against former President Trump. I) It’s worth noting that these spellings have different pronunciations. The pronunciation does not change if you actually add an apostrophe, but if you add an apostrophe ‘s’ (‘s), the possessive is pronounced. The verb in such cases may be singular or plural, but should agree with the nearest part of the subject. Your ear can guide you here; both “defendant want” and “defendants wants” sound wrong, regardless of any subjects they might be paired with. The words “attorney” and “tray,” however, don’t follow this rule because the “y” is preceded by a vowel.

Although under ordinary circumstances, “sons” would take a plural verb, in this case the writer has correctly understood that “Sons of the Revolution” is a proper noun referring to one organization as a whole, rather than several particular sons. Again, the basics are straightforward — we usually add an “s” to the end of a noun to form a plural (a group of more than one “defendant” constitutes “defendants”) and know the most common irregular plurals (a group of more than one “child” is a group of “children”). The Attorney-General of Singapore is the legal adviser to the government of the Republic of Singapore and its public prosecutor.

The main purpose of the apostrophe is to personify or bring to life abstract concepts or inanimate objects. The writers or authors may use this method to bring up abstract feelings that the audience or readers can connect to more easily. When’s’ is added to the plural, the consonant ‘k’ is changed to ‘v’.

This basic vocabulary short lesson is very useful for kids and beginners. We have discussed basicsynonymsand their use in our daily routineconversational sentences. The correct plural spelling of “attorney” is “attorneys.” Because of the vowel before the final letter, this word doesn’t follow the rule of “-y” words turning to “-ies” when pluralized. If you’re talking about an “attorney general,” chucky show streaming service a specific type of attorney, the plural form is “attorneys general” in the US and “attorney-generals” in the UK. The job of an attorney general is to advise a government on legal matters, and in some countries to oversee all judicial affairs. In the U.S., the attorney general is an appointed member of the president’s cabinet who prosecutes cases that involve the federal government.

This avoids confusing and unpronounceable words like “traies” instead of “trays,” for instance. In Japanese, for instance, you simply use the exact same word, with no spelling change required. Taylor Dziczek, 30, was ordered detained at his appearance in US District Court in Hartford, according to a statement from the office of the US attorney for Connecticut. Contacted by Variety, the office of a recent attorney for Kelly did not immediately have a comment. Definition and synonyms of attorney from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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