The Cake Bake Shop named Best Cake in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s the cake that won The Cake Bake Shop’s Gwendolyn Rogers international acclaim one decade ago, and it’s still bringing her sweet success to this day. Don’t let all the glitter and gilding convince you that the cocktail list is fluff. Rogers tapped top Indianapolis bartender Jessica Taylor, a woman who other bartenders turn to for advice, to create a three-page drinks menu listing a cucumber watermelon mule and the Cake Bake Shake Up. The latter is a take on the favorite Indiana State Fair drink, only this one is spiked with vodka and lemon bitters.

The Cake Bake Shop is known for its elaborate decor, sophisticated atmosphere and unique baked goods. European all-butter shortbread crust topped with homemade lemon curd and dusted with confectioners’ sugar. We use over four pounds of Granny Smith apples in each Apple Pie. Hand peeled and sliced, fresh apples are tossed in cinnamon, sugar, and lemon zest. Filled into our signature all-butter pie crust and topped with our cinnamon butter crumble.

Hundreds of Swarovski crystals glisten on so many chandeliers, including a massive shower of light over the bar, which is separated from the dining area by a gold-sequined rope. Two shots of Illy espresso, with steamed whole milk & melted Callebaut Belgian chocolate. All of our pies are made from scratch daily & can be heated. Add a scoop of our homemade vanilla ice cream for extra.

All of our cakes are made in-house daily with the highest quality ingredients, and are available with a scoop of our homemade vanilla ice cream for an additional $6. Topped with parmesan cheese & served with half of a toasted French baguette. An L.S. Ayres classic, made with homemade chicken stock, roasted chicken, & cream. Served with half of a toasted French baguette & salted European butter. All salades come with a freshly toasted French baguette & salted European butter.

Please enter your full address so that we can be sure this restaurant is available to you. We’re sorry, but the address you entered is outside of our service area. “I never take it for granted. I still throw my heart and soul into it every day because modern farm logo I can’t imagine doing something else but I’m very pleased that people like it,” Rogers said in 2019. The new restaurant will feature everything Hoosiers have come to enjoy about the Cake Bake Shop since Rogers opened her Broad Ripple location in 2014.

Once there was a place where people would gather, engage in thoughtful conversation in an elegant setting and enjoy a delectable meal from a “scratch” kitchen. Patrons over several decades contributed to an exquisite tapestry of memories that makes the L.S. In my opinion, since the famed tearoom closed in 1990, there hasn’t been a place that matches its former splendor, until now. The essence of The Cake Bake Shop comes to life in a one-of-a-kind custom designed private dining space. Monumental moments are celebrated in our elegant room fit for queen and kings.

Rogers and her entire staff of 120 are excited to see the traditions they have built at the Broad Ripple location become traditions at the Carmel location. Rogers is famous for her holiday decorations and seasonal offerings, in addition to her sinfully delicious cakes and baked goods that have become traditions for so many families and special occasions. Additionally, Rogers’ cakes have become favorites among many national celebrities and have even made Oprah’s “O” list.

Very few cake options that are gluten free – one chocolate cake. Macarons are available, but the Marie Antoinette is not gf. Regular menu items not labeled so you have to ask and it takes a lot checking with kitchen, manager, etc. Three layers of vanilla confetti cake with a hint of almond. Filled and frosted with pastel pink vanilla buttercream and topped with Pixie Fetti™ sequins. Topped with lemon buttercream and fresh blueberries.

Country white bread, lightly buttered & grilled with Tillamook cheddar cheese. Fresh blueberries baked in a moist breakfast cake with freshly zested lemon with a brown sugar streusel. This beautiful handmade glass Cake Bake Shop Swan surrounded by a beautiful floral wreath is hand painted with soft pastels of pink, green French blue and gold with Pixie Glitter® to make her sparkle. Handmade in Poland, Gwendolyn’s ornaments are the perfect decoration for your holiday tree, a keepsake or makes the perfect gift.

Country white bread, with thinly sliced French ham & gruyère cheese, with the crust removed. Country white bread, with thinly sliced turkey & gruyère cheese, with the crust removed. Two large fresh blue lump crab meat, lightly breaded in panko crumbs, & sautéed in olive oil & clarified butter. Accompanied with our house-made rémoulade sauce with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Served on a bed of arugula salade lightly dressed with our signature lemon vinaigrette.

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