The Beauty Gypsy Review: Are custom-made hair products worth the hype hello, Prose?

Prose does offer their “Salon” pricing, which is basically their membership or subscription program. This means that if you elect to have your products automatically delivered on a schedule specified by you, you’ll receive 15% off of your entire order each time. The brand is definitely a unique one when it comes to the types of products they have to offer. Aside from the fact that there is no international shipping with Prose, it’s definitely safe to say that the customer experience with this brand is amazing. They focus on the most important questions when learning about your hair, and customize accordingly so that you always get exactly what you and your hair need. A former Beauty Director at Marie Claire and current global wanderer.

Even with just one use, my hair was manageable and free of unwanted frizz, which was so refreshing in comparison to the previous hair system that I was just settling for. If you’ll allow me a moment to brag, my hair is, without doubt, one of the things I am most proud of about myself. I have spent years upon years perfecting my routine frankenstein wife hair and taking better care of my hair than pretty much anything else. As a result, my hair is probably the healthiest it can be. It’s long and strong and everything I wanted it to be when I first set out on my natural hair journey at the ripe age of 18. That said, after using Prose for just a few weeks, I’ve already noticed a few changes.

Prose is a fully personalized hair care brand and subscription service that sends you custom formulas based on your needs (whenever you want and/or need product). Before Prose gets your order, it asks you to complete a comprehensive hair quiz so it can better understand your hair type, texture, and condition. It even takes your location into consideration , as well as water type . You’re also asked to list the “issues” you’re having with your hair . I’ve been struggling with my wavy, color-treated hair since I asked my hair stylist to give me highlights back in May. I’ve also been growing my hair out for the last couple years, and blow dry it daily.

I bought every hair product brand that I could find at CVS. I purchased hair masks and even made my own—and no, olive oil is not easy to get out of your hair. Nothing worked, and by October, my hair was still dry and unhealthy.

Although I decided that I didn’t really need the Prose pre-shampoo hair mask , I felt that the shampoo and conditioner both lived up to and surpassed my expectations. If you’re curious, keep reading to find out everything about Prose, their products, and how they help create custom hair care routines for every single customer. Not to mention, the brand only uses science-backed, natural ingredients, each one, according to its website, “meticulously sourced and tested” by Prose’s in-house chemists to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy. “Our formulas give you the specific ingredients your hair actually needs,” it explains. Once my hair was fully dried, I could feel just how soft the conditioner and mask made my ends.

If you do decided to try Prose, use this link and we both get $10 off. Signing up for the subscription service will help save 15% off each order. You can set your subscription to reorder every month, every two months or more.

Now that my hair has evolved, I really appreciate that Prose checks in to see what I want to change with my next order. I see myself continuing my routine for the foreseeable future, and I will definitely be trying more products. I can’t wait to get my hands on the hair oil and dry shampoo.

I have a soft spot for beauty products that are super-effective, sustainable AND create a luxurious self care experience. I hope it’s worth it for my fine straight straight straight hair. I’ve read a lot about how Prose uses natural ingredients and is free of all the bad stuff , but I was in awe of how that came together as a light – yet effective – formula.

I love knowing that the products I’m using are made just for me. While I consider myself an expert on my hair, I love that Prose offers so many resources for my hair and the ingredients in my products—it’s like an entirely fresh start for my hair journey. As for the results—which is what we all really want to know about—they speak for themselves. My goal is for my hair to be stronger, shinier, softer, and more defined.

I’m super jealous of girls that can go DAYS without washing their hair. I’m an every other day kind of gal, but I still need a little dry shampoo on my non-wash days. Any product that gives me the chance to avoid washing my hair is a winner in my book. I’ll admit, I was a bit unsure about the “no conditioner” thing, but I think it might be my hair’s saving grace. I’m a beauty editor, so I rarely stay loyal to one product for a long time, but I definitely never want to be without this scalp mask and shampoo combo. I’m already picturing using it on a Friday before a weekend at the lake house so I don’t have to worry about washing my hair at the cottage—a match made in heaven.

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