The Arnold Split Workout: 6-Day Program

His recuperative powers are almost otherworldly and his threshold for pain legendary. So trying to emulate either of these two workouts may not be advisable, or feasible, for even an experienced bodybuilder. But, gifted or not, Schwarzenegger can also be credited with being history’s hardest thinking bodybuilder. Arnie has switched up a variant of the dumbbell overhead press for a more comprehensive workout. With a low starting position and a greater range of movement than the standard press, the Arnold Press engages all three sections of your deltoids – anterior, lateral and posterior. Arnold’s favorite shoulder tri-set featured overhead presses, upright rows and lateral raises.

Bring the elbows out to the side, creating a goal post position with the arms, dumbbells are at the side of the head, and abdominals are tight. What is the difference between an Arnold press and a dumbbell shoulder press? Let’s first look at the shoulder press and compare the two movements.

The Arnold press is an upper-body move that strengthens all three heads of your shoulders, as well as your back. If strong, sculpted back and shoulder muscles are your goal, this is a strength exercise you need to add to your routine. Learn how to practice this move with proper form, Arnold press muscles worked, and how to include them in your workouts. Pushups are a great exercise to target not only your arms, but your chest, back, core and glutes as well. Tricep pushups are different from regular pushups, because your arms are positioned directly at your sides, whereas with the traditional pushup, your arms are at a 45-degree angle.

Try a few of his methods if you ever struggle to grow your biceps. You’ll probably experience the most significant muscle soreness in your life, and the muscle group will have no choice but to grow. He then supersetted bent-over rows with lat pulldowns to further train his back for width and create thickness and a 3D appearance. Aside from eating as much as a small army, we can’t deny that Arnold took advantage of steroids. He’s been open about his steroid use, and we must remember that PEDs were legal in the US until February 27, 1991 . Just be sure to use good technique and sound training principles, and you’ll only get better in the long run.

Such cheat curls allowed him to complete an extra couple of reps. “There’s no one exercise that will work all three areas of the deltoids,” Arnold once said. “Therefore, when you’re planning your shoulder routine, you have to include the right variety of movements, so that you get full shoulder development.” Where others would call it quits, Arnold took pleasure in his own pain. Even if you don’t follow his split down to a T, there is a lot to learn from the Austrian Oak about effective training.

To begin, as you hang from the bar with your hands in the supine position, take a moment to pull your shoulders down by squeezing your shoulder blades, engage your core and squeeze your glutes. Once you’re in a steady position, pull your chest up towards the bar by pulling the elbows downwards. Use that same control to come down to the starting position. The Arnold press was invented by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a variation of a shoulder press that targets the biceps and the full shoulder head.

Perform the exercises in order with no rest between exercises and 2 min. of rest between sets. Perform the exercises in order with no rest between exercises and 1 min. of rest between sets. As discussed earlier, the Arnold split resembles a 6-day push/pull/legs split in some ways.

Even in advanced athletes, symptoms of overtraining, including chronic fatigue and injury, can result from trying to follow Arnold’s workouts to a tee. These workouts are extremely high-volume and you can’t take it easy dry out bodybuilding on the intensity, either. Consider bringing some intra-workout nutrition with you to stay fueled up along the way. Moreover, professional physique athletes make physical training the centerpieces of their livelihoods.

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