The 15 Best Loop Yarn Patterns and Projects

If you’re anything like me you shop sales and stock up when you can. However, yarn at a great price doesn’t always mean a great quality and sometimes you need something affordable when they aren’t running sales. Well, I took and trip there, bought up a bunch of skeins of the Big Twist Value and got to work. I made three squares and I just didn’t feel the spark. After all, I had originally wanted a glitter yarn, but couldn’t find a color I liked.

You can get Big Twist Yarn at your local Joann’s (if you’re close to one) or you can shop for it online. The best part about working with this yarn is the huge variety of beautiful colors available. Looking for loop yarn patterns that require no knitting skills? This wreath displays the texture of loop yarn without actually interlocking any of the loops.

One of the most unique Loopity Loop yarn patterns, this infinity scarf incorporates a leather accent. As a bonus, the leather piece can camouflage the point where the two ends meet to form the circular scarf. If you decided on a yarn eater, like the waffle stitch or the alpine stitch, I’d pick up 2 skeins of the same dye lot just in case. You might have noticed I use it for a lot of my tutorial swatches, that’s because I like it for it’s softness, yardage, and price point. Want to know more about this magically valued yarn?

Kids will love that this isn’t a traditional blanket—instead, they get to tuck their legs inside of the tail. And even though it may look a little more complex than crochet big twist a typical throw blanket, the pattern is designed for beginners. A quick and inexpensive project, this chunky winter hat requires just one skein of loop yarn.

You get alot of yardage per skein too which is really nice! Home dec is a tubular yarn with an outer sheath filled with fiber so it is almost “squishy”. This means is holds up well when you are working with it but can be hard to hide the ends since you will see the white fiber fill sticking out of the ends a bit. In terms of acrylic yarns, this is one of the softest and I really like the way it feels gliding through yarn fingers. It does sometimes get caught up on your oily hands but that can be fixed pretty easily and at the end of the day, its still acrylic.

I’m so excited to have this space to share free content with you all now. The Sunset Cowl Neck Sweater is a fitted crochet pullover with the coziest cowl neck. The Trinity Stitch lends this crochet sweater its gorgeous texture. However, the mustard yellow pumpkins are Big Twist Value again.

Another Big Twist yarn I work with is their cotton line. This summer I stocked up on a variety of worsted weight cotton in mostly neutral colors. If you’re looking for smaller crochet projects, the Coffee Been Cup Cozy is a quick one that use the same worsted weight Big Twist value yarn. Big Twist yarn comes in many colors, textures, and styles. “Premium” is the top-of-the-line version, while the “Value” is their 100% acrylic line.

This bright blanket is a great example of how you can incorporate multiple colors of loop yarn into a project. Whether you choose a traditional rainbow or a more muted color palette, it’s easy to switch from color to color and create an interesting striped pattern. This intermediate project is a step up from a traditional square pillow. If you’re just getting started with loop yarn, a blanket is a great first project. The pattern is simple, and the large surface area of the blanket gives you plenty of knitting practice.

This cotton yarn works well for easy crochet patterns like dishcloths and washcloths. I use the variegated color Pewter in my recent mug rug pattern. Just a bit more complex than a blanket, this loop yarn pillow requires two square panels, which you will stitch together with a needle and thread. This project incorporates two types of stitches—knitting and purling—which create the raised accent rows you can see in the image above. For this project, you will need two skeins of loop yarn, a needle and thread, and a pillow insert.

Note that because loop yarn is so plush, it won’t hold the basket shape on its own. You will also need some stiffer material, like a sheet of plastic canvas, to add structure to the basket. Especially if you choose a multi-colored skein of loop yarn, you will end up with an interesting and eye-catching accessory. It’s truly one of my fave all purpose go-to yarns. #4 medium worsted weight yarn, I use Big Twist Value which is 100% acrylic. It comes in 380 yd / 347 m skeins, or 6 oz / 170 g by weight.

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