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If you are looking for a negative review, there were a few people that lamented the inflatable rubber dome losing air, and that they were not able to fill it back up. In each instance I saw this, the user also said customer service was great to work with and offered various solutions. As I get older, those stabilizing muscles get more rigid and my agility and balance are no longer what they once were. I can risk injury and atrophy, or I can target these areas with new exercise routines.

With an inflatable top surface that can act as a step or a bench and 2 different sets of handles on the underside, there isn’t much you can’t do with this device. If you don’t have (or don’t use) free weights, you can use bands to add resistance like chest presses. Terra-Core includes a 14-day trial for their online companion app, which includes a library of exercises that are updated on a regular basis. It’s a multipurpose balance trainer that can be used for all sorts of core, strength, cardio, and leg exercises.

If you’re after a more challenging workout, simply take some air out. All in all, it’s simple and very self-explanatory to set up, and users should have no problem assembling it. As a professional coach, I can tell you that one of the most underrated ways to improve strength and conditioning is by incorporating balance and stability exercises into your program. Having a rock-solid core is fundamental for good posture and helps mitigate the chance of any severe injury.

The Terra Core emphasizes bodyweight movements that make it perfect for safely and effectively building muscle. The air-filled side of the Terra Core requires extra balance by using your core, so the humble pushup, for example, is made much tougher. The more inflated or the more “air,” the more stable the Terra Core is.

The Terra Core is certainly portable, but weighing in at around 39lbs, it isn’t the lightest portable gym. The inflated dome also makes it quite large, so packing it up to take to the park or a friend’s house may feel like more effort than you want. However, Terra have a similar product called the Terra Glide, which we think is more suited to those looking for a lightweight home gym.

You’ll get a free hand pump with your Terra Core purchase along with poster you can use to reference for exercises. The Terra Core pump is easy to use and you can blow it up in minutes. The Terra Core is essentially a larger version of a Bosu ball, but with handles and more versatility.

If you are searching for a dedicated workout to engage your leg muscles from the comfort of your living room, say no more. The most obvious lower body exercises to integrate into your routine are the squats and the jump squats. It might be a little tricky at first, as your feet will naturally roll front to back, but that is part of the beauty of training with a dynamic surface. Over time, you will naturally improve your balance, while also improving strength in all of those stabilizing muscles you don’t typically work to improve.

If you’re looking to strengthen your core and reduce the chance of injury, then taking advantage of the balance and stability features on the Terra Core will 100% help. Your legs also get a great workout as they too play an essential role when balancing your body weight. It’s pretty amazing how many muscles are targeted for such a small and lightweight piece of equipment. You can even get creative and use other equipment while working out on the Terra Core, like kettlebells, dumbells, and medicine balls. These additional tools make an already challenging workout even tougher. Every video includes a detailed summary of the duration, goals, difficulty levels, and equipment you’ll need to complete each workout.

The official maximum weight is a recommended max of 1,000 pounds. No one in our office had any sense they were straining the device. Our team took home the balance trainer and wrote up a review so you can know all about the benefits and whether or not it works before you make a purchase. Because of its instability, it recruits a lot of stabilization muscles and makes exercises more challenging.

The elongated inflated tube also benefits when doing leg lifts or scissors. Select the muscle group and you will be provided with a series of ipop reviews exercises to do. Very few gym products land in the middle between heavy-duty kinds of equipment and the gimmicky late-night infomercial type.

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