Technobubble: Yo-Kai Watch 2 Food Guide

According to the Saddharmasmṛtyupasthāna Sūtra, there are thirty-six different types of hungry ghost. It is believed that the soul contains elements of both yin and yang. The yin is the kui, or demon part, and the yang is the shen, or spirit part. When death occurs, the kui should return to earth, and the shen to the grave or family shrine. The shen, or ancestral spirit, watches over its descendants, and can bring good fortune if properly worshipped. During the evening, incense is burnt in front of the doors of households.

Most times the legends speak of hungry ghosts who in a previous lifetime were greedy women who refused to give away food. Other stories in the Buddhist tradition come from Kuei wen mu-lien ching (“The Sutra on the Ghosts Questioning Mu-lien”). One of the stories tells of a man who was a diviner who constantly misled people due to his own avarice and is now a hungry ghost. There is another story in “The Legend of Mu-lien Entering the City and Seeing Five Hundred Hungry Ghosts”. The story is about five hundred men that were sons of elders of the city they lived in. When monks came begging to the city for food, the sons denied them because they thought the monks would keep coming back and eventually take all their food.

Leveling up your Yo-kai will not only increase their stats, but once a cerain level is reached they will evolve. You can stop the evolution simply if you want to keep your Yo-kai the way it is. Yo-kai are able to evolve and what’s more, certain Yo-kai can fuse to become an even greater Yo-kai with new abilities, skills and stats. Some of these evolutions and fusions can be found in the world and are able to befriend, while others are not. Now that you are all well on your way in your Yo-Kai Watch adventure , you’ll want to know if your friendly ghosts are able to evolve into a stronger Yo-kai.

Incense stands for prosperity, the more incense burnt, the greater one’s prosperity. During the festival, shops are closed to leave the streets open for the ghosts. In the middle of each street stands an altar of incense with fresh fruit and sacrifices displayed on it. Behind the altar, monks will sing songs that it is believed only the ghosts can understand.

Feel free to train them in HP or Defense as well, since the Tengu Fan automatically makes their Spirit and Speed stat good enough to still compete with all the best Spirit attackers. Before you ask there is no Curry or Cheap Sweets category, that was translated from the Japanese game. Each yokai has a favorite category food and is more likely to befriend you if you use their favorite versus another type. In addition, there is a rare version of Mr. Givanyan who has closed his eyes, but unfortunately at the shop I visited, I made only one Chinese noodle of youkai watch, and there was only a normal version.

Some can even use the guise of a beautiful man or woman to seduce and possess. One story refers to a ghost which takes the form of a pretty girl and seduces a young man until a priest intervenes and sends the spirit back to hell. It is believed that possession interview semil haystack vc miamiharibhakti can cause illness and/or mental disorders. The chief Taoist priest of the town wears an ornate crown of five gold and red panels, a practice borrowed from Buddhism. Acquired from noodle delivery person, who can be found at random places during the day.

It is about sometimes cute, sometimes spooky, and usually mischievous Yo-kai that inhabit our world. They cannot be seen by the human eye, but they are everywhere. Whether born from the soul of a deceased human, or an everyday object discovering its higher purpose, their personalities are distinctly human like. During the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, children are advised to be home before dark, and not to wander the streets at night for fear a ghost might possess them. Swimming is thought to be dangerous as well, as spirits are believed to have drowned people. People will generally avoid driving at night, for fear of a “collision”, or spiritual offence, which is any event leading to illness or misfortune.

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